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Pitfalls restaurant business

Pitfalls restaurant business

Many budding entrepreneurs looking for inWhatever business to invest money, it seems that the opening of the restaurant business simple and profitable. It would seem that everything is simple - it is necessary to find a busy place, come up and bring to life the original design premises, personnel and suppliers, and then the money will flow a river.

However, without taking into account the pitfalls of the restaurant business, you quickly find yourself bankrupt, their number this kind of activity is second only to photographic materials trade.

Rapid start and finish fast ...

The main cause of many failures associated withthe fact that not all of the pitfalls is to rent premises were taken into account. About 90% of the restaurants operate in rented premises and give a monthly basis rather big money to tenants. Many make the mistake of choosing a costly space in the center, often at the same time, these areas are in a dilapidated state and have to do major repairs, investing in something that is not theirs. As a result of the rapid start ends up after some time the owners are trying to give the management of the restaurant or to sell in order to save at least some of the money that has been invested "in the wall." If the equipment, utensils and even furniture can be sold at a discount, doors, windows and trim to remove you can not.

The business plan, which takes into account and figure out all the nuances and contains all the options for development, to be sure.

But, as the market research,people are willing to go to a nice restaurant where they like, even when it is located on the outskirts. If you choose a room away from the center, you will be able to stay in a good, requires minimal maintenance and investments, and rent it will cost much less. The money saved you can spend more usefully - attach them to the development, interior design, advertising campaigns, in commercial terms, you will achieve even more than renting a space in the center.

Own original development concept will make the restaurant successful and popular with the minimal costs.

Shortage of qualified personnel

When there is no experience of the entrepreneur inthe restaurant business, it seems that it is possible to hire a manager. But the experienced and skilled managers are very few and they are reluctant to leave their previous places of work. There is a big problem with qualified and really good cooks, waiters, bartenders, and marketing professionals.
There is the problem of staff turnover, it is known thatAfter opening the restaurant, laid off about 40% of the staff employed at the beginning of the first two or three months. The reason for the dismissal is not low wages, in most cases - it is the human factor. So it makes sense not to save on staff and immediately hire experienced workers, albeit with high salaries. In this case, you do not have to teach those who can still retire and, perhaps, in this case, you can even save.

What else you need to consider

Many successful restaurateurs say that littleto create an institution in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, attracting a constant clientele, it is necessary to maintain and to provide that it was not unwanted guests. There are visitors who do not know how to behave, rude, loud talking on the phone. Shortly after the successful launch, you can enter the club card, which will help solve this problem.
Evaluation Criteria restaurant worldwidestandard kitchen, wine, service, atmosphere. In Russia, there remains a specificity and visitors more than good food, appreciate the atmosphere, attention and care. This is not to say that the kitchen can be so-so, but the design of the room and quality of service - an important point.
In the case where there is no personal experience, and youcan not solve some specific issues, such as the choice of the room, its size, the manufacturer of equipment and kitchen appliances, you need to hire a consultant and assistant to immediately negotiate with him whether he would only advise you and also help in solving practical problems. Payment for his services will pay off by saving your time and nerves, as well as the absence of unnecessary mistakes.

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