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The pitfalls of the restaurant business</a>

Many beginning entrepreneurs looking forNo matter what kind of business to invest, it seems that opening a restaurant is a simple and profitable business. It would seem that everything is simple - we need to find a bold place, come up with and implement the original design of the premises, find personnel and suppliers, and then the money will flow like a river.

However, without taking into account the pitfalls of the restaurant business, you will quickly find yourself bankrupt, by their number this kind of activity takes the second place after the trade in photographic materials.

Rapid start and ... quick finish

The main cause of many bankruptcies related toThe fact that all the pitfalls were not taken into account is the rent of the premises. About 90% of restaurants work in rented premises and give monthly rather big money to tenants. Many make the mistake of choosing expensive premises in the center, often while these areas are in a dilapidated state and have to do major repairs, investing in something that does not belong to them. As a result, the stormy start ends with the fact that after a while the owners try to give the restaurant to management or sell to save at least some of the money that was invested "in the walls." If the equipment, dishes and furniture can still be sold at a discount, you can not remove doors, windows and trim.

The business plan, in which all the nuances are taken into account and all the options for development are envisaged, must be mandatory.

But, as marketing research shows,People are ready to go to a good restaurant, where they like, even when it is located on the outskirts. If you pick up the room away from the center, you will have the opportunity to rent a suitable one, which requires minimal repairs and investments, and its rent will cost much less. Saved money you can spend more profitably - put them into development, interior design, promotions, commercially you will achieve even more than renting a room in the center.

Own original concept of development will make the institution successful and in demand with minimal costs.

Lack of qualified staff

When an entrepreneur has no work experience inRestaurant business, it seems to him that you can hire a manager. But experienced and qualified managers are very few and they are reluctant to leave their previous jobs. There is a big problem with qualified and really good cooks, waiters, barmen and marketing specialists.
There is a problem of staff turnover, it is known thatAfter the opening of the restaurant, in the first two or three months, about 40% of employees hired at the beginning are dismissed. The reason for dismissal is not low salaries, in most cases it is a human factor. Therefore, it makes sense not to save on staff and immediately hire experienced workers, albeit with high salaries. In this case, you do not have to train those who can still quit and, perhaps, in this case you will even save.

What else needs to be considered

Many successful restaurateurs say that littleCreate a cozy and comfortable environment in the institution that attracts a regular clientele, it must be preserved and provided that there are no undesirable guests in it. There are such visitors who do not know how to behave, rude, loudly talking on the phone. After some time after a successful start, you can enter club cards, which will help to solve this problem.
Criteria for evaluating a restaurant around the worldStandard: kitchen, wine, service, atmosphere. In Russia, still retains its specificity and visitors more than a good kitchen, appreciate the atmosphere, attention and service. This does not mean that the kitchen can be so-so, but the design of the room and the quality of service is an important moment.
In the case when there is no own experience, and youYou can not solve some specific issues, for example, about choosing a room, its area, the manufacturer of equipment and kitchen appliances, you need to hire an assistant consultant and immediately ask him if he will only advise you or help you in solving practical questions. Payment for its services will pay off due to saving your time and nerves, as well as the absence of unnecessary errors.

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