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How to pitch in VK

How to pitch in VK

Many companies use online newsletters. This is the easiest way to communicate with customers.

Mailing lists "VKontakte" will help keep up to date with the latest news.

Create your newsletter will make from customers or visitors will just say something to all your friends at once.



There are quite a number ofprograms, plug-ins and scripts created specifically to facilitate communication networks. The leader is VKbot. That this program will need to organize mass mailings, get it. The full version of this program is paid, but try to find a free version. It is not hard to do using Internet search system. In addition, the free version will contain all the necessary functions.


Download the selected version of the software, install it and login. Then click "Subscribe."


After logging table will be displayed inwhich will be presented with a list of projects. Select the desired type in any desired word or sentence alone. press "off" Then.


Select the type of mailing. In the pop-up menu will be presented with a list: send a private message to friends, congratulations, send a message on the wall, mark the news, "I like it."


If you want to send a message on the wall of a large number of people with an attached picture - choose "send a message on the wall." In the window that appears, enter the message text.


With the function "Send a private message to friends" tell the latest news to all your friends at once.

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