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How to break a tent


How to break a tent</a>

Overnight in nature - the romance of modernity.

The bonfire, the stars and the tent are the main symbols of a good campaign.

But on how and where you break your "field house" will depend not only your mood, but also your health.

You will need

  • Tent, set of pegs, cord.



Choose a place
Stay for the night before sunset. Look for a dry and level place. It is desirable that it be protected from the wind by natural obstacles: rocks, trees, hills. Try to avoid the neighborhood of thick bushes, tall grass and large reservoirs in summer, so that mosquitoes and mosquitoes do not reach you.


If you are in the woods, make sure that there are no ants and no animal paths nearby. Avoid placing a tent under tall old and rotten trees that can simply fall on you.


Lie down in the chosen place and go for a drive onBack to feel and remove all protruding knots and stones. On an uneven surface, place the tent in such a way that the head is above the feet. With a very steep slope, put large stones or logs at the entrance so that your feet rest against them and you do not slide down.


Check the soil for dryness by pressing on itWith the palm of your hand. If there is moisture during this, it is better to look for another place. But even if you are surrounded only by swampy land, do not despair. Do the flooring under a tent of thin trees.


In winter, before tenting, carefullyToss the snow and, if possible, then collect the spruce branches and make the flooring. In this case, lapnick should not just be thrown in a heap, but inserted into the snow at a slight angle to make a springy mattress.


In spring, build a fire and extinguish it in an hour. This time will be enough to warm the earth and then spend the night in comfort and warmth. Only before putting the tent in place of the campfire, cover it with fresh lapnik and remove all large coals, so as not to burn the bottom by accident.


Follow the manufacturer's instructions for assemblyFactory tent. Pulling the homemade cloth, ax ax or other improvised object, drive the pegs into the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. On rocky and stony soils, instead of pegs, it is more convenient to use large nails and a hammer.


Observe safety techniques and do not build a fire from the tent closer than 3 meters. Modern synthetic materials are well protected against rain, but are burnt by the slightest spark.


If you put a piece of polyethylene under the tent,Then do so that it does not protrude beyond the bottom. Otherwise, when the rain is down, water will flow from the roof just onto this polyethylene, and you will find yourself in an artificially created puddle. In rainy weather, dig a tent around the perimeter with a small groove for drainage.

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