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Pinus mugo - mountain pine: planting and care


Pinus mugo mountain pine - evergreen compactA coniferous shrub widely used in garden compositions. Pine is characterized by slow growth, easy adaptation to any weather conditions and undemanding to the soil.

Mountain pine
Evergreen coniferous trees occupy an honorableA place in decorative gardening, perfectly fitting into any style of landscape design. Pinus Mugo mountain pine is appreciated by gardeners for its unpretentiousness, the elegance of forms and good survival, even in a heavily polluted urban atmosphere.

Preparation for planting

Mountain pine - a plant unpretentious to the types of soil, but photophilous. For this reason, the site for the planting of pine should be well lit, although the penumbra also tolerates a penumbra.

Optimum time for planting coniferous trees -The end of April - the beginning of May, when the threat of frost on the ground passes, or the early autumn, when the earth is still well warmed up. The best transplant to a permanent place is borne by young plants, up to 5 years old, more adults are planted only together with a large clod of earth.

In order for the plant to get better,recommended planting hole do a little broader than is required by the root system of pine, as around an earthen clod is placed specially prepared planting mix. The composition of the mixture should include sand, compost and mineral fertilizers - this will ensure mountain pine better adaptation in a new location and a quick recovery of roots injured during transplantation.

If the soil on the plot is clayey, with a tendency toStagnation of water, the planting pits should be equipped with drainage from expanded clay or broken bricks, and the soil itself should be alleviated by the introduction of sand or peat. It is important to remember that mountain pine does not like soil compaction and water stagnation - the root system can begin to decay and the tree will die.

When planting a pine, it is necessary to provide sufficientThe distance between the trees is from 2 to 4 m, otherwise it will be difficult to form the crown. Because Mountain pine has rather long roots, the depth of the landing pit should be 1 m or more, but it is impossible to deeply cut the root neck - it should be at ground level.

Care of mountain pine

During the period of adaptation to a new place, seedlingsNeed careful watering and shading from direct sunlight. To avoid compaction of soil and death of the plant, periodic loosening of the site and its mulching is recommended, which will allow preserving soil moisture.

The first 2-3 seasons it is recommended to apply universal fertilizing for coniferous trees or mineral fertilizers in small quantities - about 40 g per 1 sq. M.

To form a beautiful crown and slow down the growth of the tree, light annual pruning of shoots, making a one-year increment, is carried out.

That young plants are not affected by frost,Winter sun or dry wind, it is recommended to cover them with lapnik or burlap for the winter. Adult trees are more stable to the influence of weather factors and do not need additional protection measures.

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