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Pink butterfly

Pink butterfly

Beautiful and lovely butterfly made of thick paper can be used both as a beautiful greeting card with warm wishes and as an invitation to an event.

This original butterfly is also possible to decorate a bookshelf or your desktop.

You will need

  • - Corrugated, corrugated (volume) bumaga-
  • - Klein
  • - strazy-
  • - karandash-



Cut a large double butterfly so that the edges of the upper wings of the butterfly not ended its natural form, as it were, a little pruning.
Make a single silhouette butterfly smaller, draw it on a paper and cut out. A small version of the butterfly must conform to the dimensions - 6.5 * 5 cm.
Produce a third silhouette of a butterfly, whichsize is equal to double the butterfly, but he is single. Note the time that the upper edges of the wings should have their natural shape, not like the double silhouette - trimmed.


Prepare the base product. To do this, you must make an extra large double bend on the silhouette at the junction of the upper and lower wings. Then, a large double silhouette put on the table side, which has no bend.


Combine all three elements in one piece with glue: at most double-base paste butterfly large element and a small butterfly, in turn, is glued in the middle large.


Garnish with the product on the central part of the glue rhinestones and any decoration, wing edges can be darker in color, using color pencils.

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