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PILATES for losing weight


Pilates for weight loss</a>

Among the various types of physical activities that help to say goodbye to excess kilos, Pilates exercises are very popular.

This healing technique is unique and has no contraindications to use, and therefore it is suitable for people of any age and in any state of health.

History of appearance

The basic exercise system was developedJosef Pilates almost a century ago as a restorative physical culture for the treatment of wounded soldiers, while the author tried the efficacy of the technique on himself, not differing in strong health before the start of training. Dr. Pilates lived a long life, preserving his health and a strong, well-heeled figure until his old age.

The fact that exercises help not only to strengthen the muscular corset, but also lose weight, it was found out already in the process of training.

The principle of the exercises

Pilates is effective in that it allows not onlyLose weight, but also simultaneously use almost all the muscles, including those that are difficult to work through other types of exercises. In this complex there are no intensive physical or aerobic loads, because the exercises performed to a greater extent are similar to yoga, rather than to shaping. It is difficult to consider weight loss pilates, video lessons of which are in great demand around the world, a universal tool, but there is no doubt that these exercises are pulling up the figure.

For a more successful result, still it is worth combining pilates with cardio loads, if the state of health allows.

The most famous exercises are Pilates

A hundred

This exercise is in its original positionSimilar to the lifting of the body when training the muscles of the press. Lying on your back you need to raise your legs and bend them at a right angle to the floor, then tear off the shoulder blades from the floor, pull up the trunk to the legs, tighten the muscles of the press, and freeze in this position. At the same time, the hands must be stretched along the body and performed by them in the air.


This exercise for beginners will not work, soAs requires physical training. To do this, you need to lie on your side, then tear off the upper body from the floor, resting on the fingers so that it forms a straight line. Keep the balance in this training is very difficult, so the whole body tenses. The longer this position of the body is held, the higher the level of physical fitness.


This is a classic hull lift up fromLying position, when the elbow of the right hand should reach the knee of the left leg, then change. The number of approaches depends on personal preparation, but it is recommended to do at least three cycles at least 15-20 exercises in each. Carrying out this exercise regularly, you can not only lose weight, but also make the upper part of the press ideal.

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