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Pilates for Weight Loss

Pilates for Weight Loss

Among the various types of physical activities that help say goodbye to excess weight, especially popular Pilates exercises.

This improving technique is unique and has no contraindications to the use, and therefore suitable for people of any age and any health condition.

The story of

Basic exercise system was developedJoseph Pilates nearly a century ago as a replacement of physical education for the treatment of wounded soldiers, and the effectiveness of techniques the author has tested on itself, not differing in good health prior to the training. Dr. Pilates lived a long life, maintaining health and strong, tightened figure until old age.

What exercises help not only to strengthen the muscular system, but also to lose weight, it was found in the course of employment.

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The principle of exercise activities

Pilates is effective in that it allows not onlylose weight but also simultaneously use practically all the muscles, including those which are difficult to work other kinds of exercise. This complex is not strenuous or aerobic exercise as largely carried out exercises similar to yoga classes and not with shaping. It is difficult to consider Pilates for weight loss video tutorials which are in great demand all over the world, a universal remedy, but that these exercises tighten figure, no doubt.

For a successful result it is worth to combine Pilates with a cardio if health allows.

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The most well-known Pilates exercises

A hundred

This exercise is in its original positionsimilar to the body rises when muscle training press. Lying on your back you need to raise your legs and bend them at right angles to the floor, and then pull the blade from the floor, pull the torso to the legs, straining the abdominal muscles, and freeze in that position. At the same time you want to pull your hands along the body and perform their claps in the air.


This exercise is not suitable for beginners as well asit requires physical fitness. For its implementation need to lie on your side, and then pull your upper body off the floor, resting on the fingers so that it formed a straight line. To keep the balance in such training is very hard, so the whole body tenses up. The longer this position is held the body, the higher the level of physical fitness.


This is a classic rise up out of the housingprone position when the elbow of the right hand is necessary to reach to the knee of the left leg, then change. Number of approaches depends on personal training, but should be at least three cycles at least 15-20 exercises each. In carrying out this exercise on a regular basis, you can not only lose weight, but also make the upper part of the press is ideal.

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