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Pike on zherlitsy summer

Pike fishing in the summer zherlitsy

Usually summer pike taken on spinning.

It is possible to use different lures: crankbaits, soft plastic bait, metal spinners. You can also try the float rod with bait fish.

But there is a very interesting old way - to catch pike on zherlitsy. You do not even have to watch them because she pike caught.

Becoming zherlitsy evening and in the morning you will find a catch.

Zherlitsy - is a kind of trap for preyfish, their design may be different, there is even a winter zherlitsy and floating - circles. But all have the same principle of catching pike - predator grabs it and swallows the bait, and then can not sail. it holds strong fishing line, which is wound on itself zherlitsy.

The simplest zherlitsy - a flyer of a bitchwood in the form of the letter Y. The narrowest part is a small cleft in which the fishing line and held until it does not pull the pike. Zywiec baits on the hook to the back or through the gills, the main thing is to keep it afloat and has been active longer. Unrolling 3-4 m fishing line, fastened it to cleave and release live bait into the pond. Samu zherlitsy hang on a stick driven into the bottom of shallow water or the shore, but it is better on the tree branches hanging over the water. It is more convenient to do it on the boat. When 5-10 zherlitsy are installed, you can go home. When the pike grabs the fish and swallows, she sailed, pulls the line break, and unwind from it to the end. Next is nowhere to go, a little pobivshis, predator tired and quietly waiting for the fisherman.

Zherlitsy morning check. Again, it is better to do it on the boat. If you see that caught the pike, remove it, and on the hook again Push the bait. Pike fishing on zherlitsy very productive, so anglers take them and pike in the winter. Design of winter zherlitsy other, but fishing for them is very convenient.

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