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Pitching pikes for summer gazelles


Fishing for pikes in summer</a>

Usually a pike in summer is taken for spinning.

In this case, you can use different lures: wobblers, vibrotails, metal spoons. You can also try a float fishing rod with a live bait.

But there is a very interesting old way - fishing for pikes on the jail. You do not even need to watch them, because the pike will catch it.

Put the tins in the evening, and in the morning you will get a catch.

Gerliches are peculiar traps for predatoryFish, their design can be different, there are even winter zherlitsy, as well as floating - mugs. But all have one principle of catching a pike - a predator grabs a livebird and swallows it, after which it can no longer swim away. It is held by a strong fishing line, which is wound on the very joker.

The simplest jugglers are rogues from a bitchTree in the form of the letter Y. In the narrow part, a small cleavage is made, in which the fishing line is held until the pike pulls it. Zywiec is baited on the hook by the back or through the gills, the main thing is that he stay afloat and stay active longer. It takes 3-4 m of fishing line, fixes it in a cleft, and the bait is released into the pond. The very zherglitsu hang on a stick, hammered into the bottom of shallow water or to the shore, but better on the branches of a tree hanging over the water. It is more convenient to do this on a boat. When 5-10 stamens are installed, you can go home. When the pike grabs the fish and swallows it, it sails away, pulls the line out of the cleavage and unwinds it to the end. Then there is nowhere to swim, a little pobivshis, predator tired and calmly waiting for the fisherman.

In the morning, the jailbrothers are checked. Again, it is better to do this on a boat. If you see that the pike is caught, get it out, and on the hook again plant the live bait. Fishing for pikes on the jungle is very productive, so anglers take pike in them in winter. The design of the winter vent is different, but it's very convenient to fish on them.

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