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Choosing vitamins for pregnant women


Vitamins for pregnant women should be bought only after consultation with a doctor. In the first weeks of pregnancy, you can limit yourself to taking folic acid, vitamin E and iodine preparations.

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It is not necessary to say how important it is in the periodPregnancy, get all the necessary microelements and vitamins. However, not every woman in the situation should take vitamins, for this there must be evidence. For example, if a woman does not have the opportunity to eat fully and has a sad experience associated with a lack of vitamins and trace elements, she must take complex medications for pregnant women. The same applies to women who decided to give birth to a child after 30 years, and those who had a previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage or the birth of a baby with developmental anomalies.

How to choose vitamins

The choice of a particular drug is best exercisedTogether with his district gynecologist. Because only the doctor will be able to correctly assess the state of health of women in each specific period and prescribe a drug that best meets the needs of the fetus, and the mother at a given time. In order to make the right choice, the doctor can send the patient to take the appropriate tests: in particular, to determine the function of the thyroid gland, the amount of sugar and hemoglobin in the blood and the parameters of the heart.

As a rule, in the first trimester of pregnancyThere is no need for taking a complex vitamin remedy, a woman can be prescribed separately folic acid, vitamin E and iodine preparations. These substances play a huge role at the initial stage of fetal development. It also happens that some pregnant women may cause vomiting. In this case, it is necessary to replace the drug with another one or think about how to get all the necessary substances for the development of the child in injections.

What you should pay attention to

If the woman decides to takeVitamins during pregnancy, she should buy only the drug that contains B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, E, D, C, K, H, folic acid, iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Applying for help in the pharmacy, it is worth remembering that you need to buy a drug for future mothers, ordinary vitamins are unable to meet all the needs of the body during pregnancy. As for the danger of supersaturation of the body with vitamins, it is almost zero, unless the woman decides to increase the dosage recommended for admission.

Most vitamin complexes contain veryLittle calcium: the company-manufacturer specially goes to this step to prevent hypercalcemia, because this state is even more dangerous for the fetus than the lack of this mineral. The same applies to iodine - it is contained in vitamin complexes in insufficient quantities, as some of its percentage enters the body together with food. In general, the most popular and famous were such products as Elevit Pronatal, Vitrum Prenatal, Complivit Mama, Multi-Tabs Perinatal and others.

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