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How to pick up an application from the registrar

How to take a statement from the registrar

One out of 30 weddings were never held because of the failure of one (or both) of young (and not so) people from marriage.

Refuse can and groom and the bride, since this agreement the second party is not required.

But the pick of the registrar for divorce in the absence of the other spouse does not work.



Notify your groom (the bride) thatthe wedding will not take place. This is not a prerequisite for refusal of registration of marriage, however, the rules of etiquette still has not been canceled. Each of you can at any time to apply to the registration of marriage REGISTRY OFFICE the abolition of marriage. To do this, not necessarily the presence of a second person concerned.


Refer to the employee of the department REGISTRY OFFICEIn which you have applied for registrationmarriage. Present passport and notify the employee of his desire to take a statement. However, "to take a statement" - not quite the exact wording in this case. The application will remain in REGISTRY OFFICEYou're just giving up registration.


The refusal shall be made in free-style, as the approved form for such application no. Write in the upper right corner of the compartment name REGISTRY OFFICEIn which you deal with failure, your name, address, passport details.


The failure of the text, you can not specify the reason for such a decision. It should specify the name of the second only failed her husband. Put the date and sign it.


If you do not come to the marriage registration (and registration is carried out only in the presence of both spouses), the penalties may be applied to you.


If you decide to pick up from the department REGISTRY OFFICE an application for divorce, it can be done only in the presence and with the consent of the other party. Agreement on Cessation of divorce procedures must be certified by a notary.


Regardless of whether or not to agree to a second husband to divorce, in case of his absence in REGISTRY OFFICE at the time of withdrawal, the procedure of dissolution of marriage will not be suspended. And you have to go to court in order to, in his decision, pick up an application in the absence of the husband (wife).

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