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How to pick up an application from a registry office


One of the 30 possible weddings will never take place because of the refusal of one (or both) young (and not very) people from registering a marriage.

Both the bride and groom can refuse, since the second party is not required for this consent.

But to withdraw from the registrar's application for divorce in the absence of a second wife will not work.



Notify your fiancé (bride) thatThe wedding will not take place. This is not a prerequisite for the refusal of registration of marriage, but no one has canceled the rules of good tone. Each of you can at any time before registering a marriage contact REGISTRY OFFICE About the cancellation of the wedding. For this, the presence of a second stakeholder is not necessary.


Contact an employee of that department REGISTRY OFFICE, In which you applied for registrationMarriage. Present the passport and notify the employee of his desire to withdraw the application. However, "picking up a statement" is not an exact wording in this case. The application will remain in REGISTRY OFFICE, You write only the refusal of registration.


The refusal is made in a free style, since there is no approved form for such a statement. Write the name of the branch in the upper right corner REGISTRY OFFICE, In which you are applying for a refusal, your full name, address, passport details.


In the text of the refusal, you can not indicate the reason for such a decision. It should indicate only the name of the second unsuccessful spouse. Put the date and sign.


If you do not come to the registration of marriage (and registration is only in the presence of both brothers), then you can be penalized.


If you decide to withdraw from the office REGISTRY OFFICE Application for divorce, this can be done only in the presence and with the consent of the other party. The agreement on termination of the divorce procedure must be notarized.


Regardless of whether or not the second spouse agrees to dissolve the marriage, in the absence of a spouse REGISTRY OFFICE At the time the application is withdrawn, the divorce procedure will not be suspended. And you will have to go to court in order, according to his decision, to take the statement in the absence of a husband (wife).

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