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How to withdraw money from the pension fund

How to withdraw money from the pension fund

A portion of each citizen's salary is deducted to the Pension Fund, where it is stored until the worker retirement age.

However, under certain circumstances, the money can be picked up.

You will need

  • - Foreign grazhdanstvo-
  • - Documents confirming invalidnost-
  • - Evidence of many children.



To take money from the Pension Fund, youYou must have a good reason for this. Pension fund - this is not a deposit account where you can put in any time or withdraw money. Amounts accumulated PF purposefully, until the person reaches retirement age.


The law provides for the possibility of obtainingpension funds as a lump sum in cases where a citizen moves to a permanent place of residence abroad or if the state of human health is estimated as critical and he needed money for surgery.


If you move to a permanent placeresidence in another state, to withdraw money from PF, have lived at first in a new place as many years as necessary to obtain a new citizenship. Previously, to get the money, it was to provide proof of travel abroad enough, however, come into force new directives in connection with frequent cases of violations of the law.


After receiving citizenship, confirm it localPension Fund - return to the time in the country and show a passport with a new citizenship. If this is not possible - transfer to the pension fund certificate confirming a new nationality, by proxy, or send it by mail.


If you are not going to move for permanent residenceborder, but have a disability group I or II - you can also get money from PF ahead. Please contact the Pension Fund with proof of disability, and announced its intention to withdraw the money. Arrange all the documents that you are asked to, and get the money.


Also prematurely withdraw money from PF are mothers,who are raising more than five children under the age of eight. If you belong to this category of persons - please contact the Pension Fund and present your passport and birth certificate of your child.

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