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We choose a private kindergarten (taking into account the newly approved SanPin!)


When mum needs to go to work, and places inState kindergartens are not enough, the private kindergarten comes to the rescue. However, before you trust a kid with someone, it's worth making sure of the correctness of your choice, and the feedback is by no means the main indicator.

We choose a private kindergarten (taking into account the newly approved SanPin!)

About everything in order. Find 10 minutes and read entry into force on 14.02.2014 SanPiN (Requirements for pre-school groups organized in), All from the list of mandatory premises, requirements for maintaining cleanliness and cooking, and up to the requirements for compulsory educational programs and the regime of the day (which is often violated in many private gardens).

Choose a time and walk 2-3 times nearby while walking with children - 10: 30-11 in the morning. When choosing a kindergarten, first of all choose a tutor.

How closely they look after babiesEducators, is the walking zone limited? Do children have to cross the road - if so, how does the process organize the educators? Do the teachers play with the group, talk about the world around them, or do all the youngsters give themselves? What is the general mood of the children in the group: all moaning and calling their mother or are they cheerful, cheerful and busy ... How does the caregiver behave in the conflicts between the children? And if someone cried? Does the teacher shout at children? Will the educator pay attention if you come to the child and say hello to him, or will the teacher not even notice the communication with an outsider? And so on.

You should have at least an approximate idea of ​​what will actually happen to your child during the day.

All liked it? We proceed further!

Arrange a meeting with the head / director, discuss the following topics:

  1. Children's day schedule, physical education (exercise therapy does not replace morning exercises), music classes, speech therapist, psychologist, nurse (what is her schedule) ...
  2. Pan-European standard - 1 adult for 5-6Children. In the group there should always be a nurse / assistant educator, otherwise the caretaker himself will do cleaning, cook food, etc., leaving the children unattended. Did the staff pass the medical examination?
  3. Premises garden (cleanliness and order, without foreign smells ...) in accordance with the basic provisions SanPiN and common sense.
  4. Educational program. The kindergarten is obliged to have a license for educational activities, the group of children's day stay is not. Particular attention should be paid to this item, if in the future you plan to take the entrance exams in 1 class (there are also such elementary schools) - the commission for psychological preparedness for school passes after the kindergarten all.

Do not be afraid to ask questions! It is you who are going to entrust this organization to care for the life and health of your baby, while you are not around. And let the directorate thinks everything she wants, these are their problems! If the organization is worthy, there will be no conflict situations. Be friendly and open to communication.

Tune in for the best. And you will find a garden where your child will be well, and you will not worry all day for its safety.

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