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Choose the duct for extraction: what to look for


Installation of a kitchen hood for today is notProblem-but what if the ventilation duct is far from the plate? In this case, it is necessary to equip a special air duct, the correct choice and installation of which depends on the efficiency of the entire extract.

Rectangular duct in the kitchen
In urban apartments, spent (contaminated)Air is discharged outside through a common ventilation duct, in suburban houses - immediately outside through a local vent pipe. And if in the construction of a house in advance provide a place for a ventilation pipeline, then in standard urban apartments, the conclusion of ventilation is often difficult due to the location of household appliances, furniture. In such cases, the only way out is to install a pipe that will connect the hood and the common ventilation duct.

Plastic and corrugated pipes

In the kitchen in a modern house see the metalDuct-ductwork can be quite rare, most homeowners prefer to install plastic or corrugated pipes - lighter, less noisy, inexpensive products that are easy to install. Plastic pipes produce a round or rectangular cross section. The second option is preferable, because Rectangular products are not so noticeable in the interior of the kitchen, they are easier to disguise. And the one and the other type of pipe is most often "overlooked" over kitchen hanging closets, which completely or partially conceal the air duct. When purchasing a plastic pipe, do not forget to buy L-shaped jumps along the way to the ventilation duct and sealant for connections. The main advantage of plastic is the absence of cracks and a minimum of noise during operation.

Pros of the corrugated air duct standingCheaper than plastic, consist in ease of installation and no need to purchase adapters: the pipe is attached to the hood and ventilation duct by means of clamps. To determine how long a pipe is needed, it will have to be stretched to its full length, if left folds, then the noise level during the passage of airflow will increase noticeably.

Design features of air ducts

The diameter of the duct should be larger than the diameterExit hood or match it. Otherwise, the efficiency of the system will drop, and the load on it will increase, the noise will increase. When installing, make sure that the bends are as small as possible - each turn reduces the efficiency of the hood by about 10%. To prevent outside air from entering the ventilation system, it is necessary to install valves: film or plastic (on the axis). If you have a second version of the valve, then it must be installed strictly in an upright position, otherwise the disk will clap when passing the flow. Optimal is the length of the duct in 3 m - increasing this value leads to a drop in efficiency (5-10% for each additional meter).

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