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Photographing children beautifully.

Photographing children beautifully.

Many photographers claim that pictures of children is difficult, because they are constantly can not sit still.

But, at the same time, children are so sweet, make such funny facial expressions, and take bizarre postures, it is impossible to remain indifferent after seeing a photo.

Before shooting you need to configure the camera. Children are often on the move, so you need to set the shutter speed. 1/200 is suitable, but if the kids are running around, should be increased to 1/500. You can also increase the ISO and open up the aperture. Or just put the camera in a sports mode. Focus mode is better to install on a single point to accurately determine where the camera (especially when children are moving) is focused. When photographing children, built-in flash is preferred exterior. Especially in low light. An external flash is good to reflect light from the walls and floor. For indirect light used diffuser. If the external flash is not present, then the built-in flash should be used in good daylight. If the light is bright enough, then an outbreak can and do not worry.

Infants need to take pictures without flash. The bright light may frighten the child. Everyone knows that in the first months of life, babies sleep a lot. This can be conveniently used, for example, as did Anne Geddes - famous photographer, captures a child, including during sleep. Yes, take a picture of the crumbs, sleeping in his cradle and everyone can. But that photo was memorable, beautiful and original, it is necessary to dream a little. Place, for example, sleeping baby on the green Blankets, wear a hat with horns, and next put his favorite toy. Will that funny little animals are sleeping on the lawn. Coming up with costumes, poses, backgrounds - currently work for the young mother.

If the child does not sleep, you need to attaking pictures, he was as comfortable as possible. Therefore, the baby must be fed, dry and in good spirits. Photograph karapuzov better in their familiar surroundings. Excellent occasion for the photo: a walk in the fresh air, a favorite game, swimming. The traditional family photo - in the hands of parents.

Children under one year often photographed lying. But it is better not to do it from the top, and at eye level from the side. And the secret of a great baby pictures - pictures, dropping to the level of the child's face. Images are obtained more expressive.

No need to force children to sit. Most of them do not like. Let everything be natural. Best photos - made transparent to the baby.

Children grow up very quickly. Therefore, remembering the baby is beautiful, bright and original, you can keep the memory of his first months of life for many, many years.

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