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PHOTOALBUM with your own hands


Photo album with your own hands</a>

Every day people forget about the old photo albums, which were so amicably viewed by the whole family or with the guests.

Now there are different information carriers on which they save their photos and do not think about the fact that once they can fail.

And all the information on them will be lost.

You will need

  • 1 - an album for drawing or A4 sheets.
  • 2-floumasters.
  • 3 - colored markers.
  • 4 - a simple pencil.
  • 5 - ruler.
  • 6 - photographs.
  • 7 - knife stationery.
  • 8 - any postcard or picture A4.
  • 9 - glue.



We take a postcard and carefully remove the top layer of paint and paste it with glue on the surface of the album. And if we take a picture, then glue it and decorate it accordingly.


On the album sheets we differentiate the places forInsert photos. A simple pencil marks the place of the cut in order to insert the corners of the photographs. Carefully cut the strip with a knife, beforehand substituting something hard under the sheet, so as not to damage other sheets.


Each photo can be nicely signed with felt-tip pens if desired: where they were photographed, date and who is in the photo. And also decorate with pictures or drawings.

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