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Photo Album with their hands

Photo album with his own hands

With each passing day more and more people forget about the old photo albums that are so considered together as a family or with guests.

Now there are different information carriers, which retain their photos and do not think about the fact that once they are easily damaged.

And all the information on them will be lost.

You will need

  • 1 - sketch pad or A4 sheets.
  • 2 -flomastery.
  • 3 - colored markers.
  • 4 - simple pencil.
  • 5 - line.
  • 6 - photographs.
  • 7 - knife stationery.
  • 8 - any picture or card A4.
  • 9 - glue.



Take the card and carefully remove the top layer of paint and pasted with adhesive on the surface of the album. And if you take the picture, its glue and decorate accordingly.


On the album, we draw the line lists for placesinsert photos. A simple pencil mark place the incision to insert the corners of the photo. Carefully cut through the band knife, substituting in advance under a sheet that - something hard, so as not to damage the other sheets.


Each photo may optionally be nice to sign markers where photographed, the date and who is in the photo. And decorate the pictures or drawings.

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