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Pharyngitis: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


Pharyngitis: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment</a>

Pharyngitis - inflammation of lymphoid tissue and pharyngeal mucosa. The disease is divided into acute and chronic.

The most common pharyngitis is caused by rhinovirus, adenovirus, coronavirus, cytomegalovirus and parainfluenza.

Less commonly - bacterial pharyngitis caused by streptococcus, neyeriyami, chlamydia and mycoplasma.

Pharyngitis: symptoms

The main symptoms of pharyngitis are pain andThroat. The patient is worried about dry, unproductive cough, intoxication, rhinitis. The temperature keeps subfebrile, rarely rises to high marks. Acute pharyngitis with inadequate treatment flows into a chronic. Symptoms become less pronounced. Persecution in the throat is present constantly, as a result of which a dry, painful cough disturbs throughout the day and night.

Pharyngitis: Diagnosis

The patient is examined in general, and pharyngoscopy is prescribed. The diagnosis is made by the therapist on the basis of general clinical symptoms and results obtained after pharyngoscopy.

Pharyngitis: treatment

The patient is recommended to exclude from the diet food,Irritating the mucous membranes of the pharynx, refuse to smoke, since the smoke even more irritates the pharynx and leads to a painful cough. In addition, an abundant drink is prescribed, frequent throat rinsing with antiseptic solutions. Use of aerosols with oil preparations, inhalations, troches and lozenges help to cope with the dryness of the mucous throats. In the bacterial form of pharyngitis, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

In case of chronic pharyngitis, it is necessary to visit an immunologist. The doctor will prescribe medications that support immunity. Also recommended general hardening of the body, a complete refusal to smoke.

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