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Petersburg and its suburbs: Sablinsky Nature Reserve

Petersburg and surroundings: Sablinsky Nature Reserve

In 40 km from St. Petersburg, Tosno district of Leningrad region, near the village of Ulyanovka located Sablinsky nature reserve.

This is a great place for active recreation.

Do not remain indifferent, and lovers of the beauty of our land.

Sablinsky Nature Reserve - A unique natural phenomenon in the plainsLeningrad Region area, it covers an area of ​​about 220 hectares. Many millions of years ago there was raging ocean. Age groundwater reservoirs is more than 500 million years.

On its territory there are:

  • two waterfalls - Tosnenskyand Sablinsky
  • artificial cave
  • river canyons Tosnaand Sablinka
  • hills, mounds considered

Tosnensky Falls because of its shape is compared to Niagara. Its height is about 2 meters in some places reaches 2.5 m.

Height Sablinskaya waterfall - About 3 meters. Waterfalls are good at any time of the year.

Also on the territory of the reserve there are several places of historical importance:

  • parking place Alexander Nevsky before the battle with the Swedes
  • former manor AK Tolstoy (The farm "Pustynka")

Note to fans of caving - in Sablinskaya Reserve are 4 large cave:

  • "Levoberezhnaya"
  • "Pearl"
  • "Pants"
  • "Rope"

Also, there are several caves smaller size, only seven pieces. "Three-eyes", "beach," "Dream", "Santa Maria", "foxholes" - Local names of some of them. All these caves are of artificial origin, in the period from 18 th to 20 th century they mined white quartz sandstone for the manufacture of glass.

For tourists the year round open"Left bank" a cave, but only if accompanied by an experienced instructor. Under the ground is always + 8 ° C and the dark, so I will give advice: sweater is needed, and with his lantern is much more comfortable.

In this cave you can see three underground lake, the tomb of white caver, cave-dwelling man and even Hall of the Mountain King.

In one of the underground rooms of the cave (Vow hall) located Chapel of St. Nicholas.

The chapel was opened in memory of the victimstravelers - geologists, speleologists, geography, polar explorers, climbers. There are services you can perform wedding ceremonies and christenings. Also held in the chapel concert of Russian sacred music.

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