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PESTS houseplants: thrips

Pests houseplants: thrips

Thrips - common pests of indoor plants.

In the nature of which there are more than a thousand species, most of which are considered to be very dangerous for the plants.

Thrips suck the juice from the flowers and leaves and transfer the flower disease.

That is why it is very important to detect the pest in time and save the plants from destruction.

Signs of

Thrips are insects are small, it is very difficult to see with the naked eye. On the leaves of the cluster look like a small black point.

Thrips multiply rapidly at home, since the dry air and high temperature for them is a favorable environment.

Mainly thrips strike leaves. Insects appear on the bottom of the lamina, and then gradually to get over the top. Heavily infested leaves are deformed, and they appear silvery or brown stripes. Thrips suck the juice from the plant, so you may find that they began to fall buds and flowers. Moreover, thrips leave behind sticky discharge, which is formed on the sooty fungus.


Try to regularly inspect the plant,Pay special attention to the underside of the leaves. Spray the flowers and clean with a damp cloth dust. The room can not tolerate excessive dryness of the air. In winter, use different moisturizers.


Insecticides - the best way to combatthrips. They are sold in flower shops, and come in a variety of species. Before you buy be sure to consult your dealer, he will advise you the drug, which is needed in your situation. Before treatment, wash plant under a shower of dust and dirt.

Remember that thrips easily migrate todiseased plants to healthy ones. That is why detection of the pest in one instance have to handle all the plants that were near it. You should also thoroughly wash the place where he was infected with the flower and pot.

If you did not have at hand the drug, the treated leaves with a solution of soap. Remember that this is only a temporary measure.

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