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How to persuade parents to buy a dog


How to persuade parents to buy a dog</a>

It's not too much fun to live without a pet. In fact, whoever studies or studies as faithfully as a beloved dog?

Who will take out for walks three times a day and emotionally fold paws on his stomach, causing a smile after a hard day?

Of course, a dog.



To persuade parents to buy a dog is notSo easy, even if you are not a child for a long time. In childhood it was possible to fall asleep and wake up with a dog name invented, to drive a hat on a leash and make compliments to the grandfather in dog style ("Grandfather, in a new coat you look just like a collie!"). In childhood, you could "put pressure on pity," and the parents gave up ...
Now you are no longer a child, but a dog to youStill want to. Strangely enough, but the belief ("I'll walk with her in the morning, feed and drive to the vet") on the parents act no matter how old you are.
Try it, all of a sudden it will turn out?

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If parents have already been taught by bitter experience,Or just simply especially stubborn, try out a method that works in 70% of cases - tell me how the dog will perfectly influence them! For example, you can say that British scientists have proven that dog hair is a wonderful dust absorber. This is a joke, of course. But parental interest is the first step to victory.

How to persuade to buy a dog


Do not forget to constantly say that the dog improves the family microclimate. It's true. And any parent wants to have everything in the family well.

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You are an adult, and now you can becomeAuthority. You really can keep a dog, because you earn good money. Parents say that you work for days, and you do not have time? You have money! That's why you'll hire someone who walks with the dog, and the parents will not have any problems.

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