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How to persuade their parents to buy a dog

How to persuade their parents to buy a dog

I live not too fun without a pet. In fact, who vstetit from work or school as faithfully as favorite dog?

Who will be displayed on a walk three times a day and sweetly put legs on the abdomen, causing a smile after a hard day?

Of course, the dog.



Persuading parents to purchase the dog is notso simple, even if you are no longer a child for a long time. This is a child could fall asleep and wake up with a dog invented name, led on a leash and do grandpa hat compliments in the dog-style ( "Grandpa, the new coat you look just like a collie!"). As a child, it was possible to "put pressure on the pity" and the parents give up ...
Now you will not have long baby, but you dogstill I want to. Oddly enough, but beliefs ( "I'm going to walk with her in the morning, feed and lead to a veterinarian") parents are, regardless of how old you are.
Try, all of a sudden you get?

how to persuade parents to buy a hamster


If parents have already been taught by bitter experience,or just a particularly stubborn, try a method that works in 70% of cases - tell us how well the dog will influence them! For example, you can say that British scientists have proved that the dog's coat - a great dust absorber. This is a joke, of course. But the parent's interest - it is the first step to victory.

How to persuade to buy a dog


Do not forget to constantly talk about the dog the family improves the microclimate. After all, it's true. And any parent would like, that all was well in the family.

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You are an adult, and now can themselves becomeauthority. You can really have a dog, because earn good money. Parents say that you are working day and night, and you do not have time? You have money! That is why you hire a person who will walk with the dog, and the parents will have no problems.

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