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How to persuade parents to buy a kitten


How to persuade parents to buy a kitten</a>

Probably every child ever wanted to have a kitten. But the parents were against this idea, arguing for a variety of reasons.

Of course, you could just persuade your parents, but in reality it was very difficult.

Before parents buy a baby kitten, he will have to try many ways to convince them to do it.



You can openly declare your desire. But this is not very reliable. As a rule, after several such statements, parents generally refuse to talk about this topic.


Or on a cat of friends to show parents how you can be a caring owner. A fairly good way, but does not work 100%.


Tell about the usefulness of cats. That they get rid of mice, treat diseases, those who have a cat in the house are lucky, and there is never depression. This method is not entirely suitable for those whose Parents There used to be a cat.


Press on pity, but you need to do thisNeatly, so as not to overdo it. Talk about the cruel attitude to animals, about homeless cats, relying on a specific case, to start like that recently saw a stray cat or kittens in the store, such eyes are sad. Some parents may be moved and allowed to take or even buy a kitten.


You can "play" a fan of cats. Watch on television programs about cats, cartoons with cats, read books, fairy tales, buy stickers, toys, key chains with cats, and with any mention of cats, start admiring about them. It is necessary that parents know about this. So they will be convinced that you really love cats and will be a good owner of your kitten.

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