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How to persuade their parents to buy a kitten

Probably every child ever wanted to have a kitten. But parents are against this idea, arguing that a variety of different reasons.

Of course, you could just convince the parents, but in fact it turned out to be very difficult.

Before the child's parents will buy a kitten, he will have to try many ways to convince them to do so.



You can openly express their desire. But it is not very reliable. Typically, after a few such applications the parents refuse to talk about it.


Or cat friends to show parents how you can be caring owner. Enough good way, but it does not work 100%.


Share cats utility. What do they eliminate the mice treated with the disease, those who have a cat at home, luck, and never depressed. This method is not very suitable for those in whose parents once I had a cat.


Push for pity, but it is necessary to do soBe careful not to overdo it. Talk about cruelty to animals, the homeless cats, based on the specific case, to start like that recently saw a stray cat or kittens in the store, such sad eyes. Some parents may be moved to pity, and to resolve to take, or even to buy a kitten.


You can "play" into a fan of cats. Watch on TV programs about cats, cartoon cats, read books, fairy tales, buy stickers, toys, key chains with cats and at any mention of cats, starting with admiration for them to talk. At the same time it is imperative that parents are aware of this. So they will be convinced that you really like cats and will be a good host to his kitten.

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