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How to persuade grandmother


How to persuade grandmother</a>

Elderly women, as a rule, have long-established views and values, do not like the big changes in their lives, as they are not adapted to them, the old one is always preferred to everything new.

Therefore, persuading grandmothers for something serious often becomes a problem.



Before you start persuading, rememberRelationship with your grandmother. If you live with her soul in the soul, you regularly pay attention to her - your persuasions are doomed to success. A good old woman will find it difficult to refuse her beloved grandson or beloved granddaughter. If your relationship has recently left much to be desired, start working in this direction.


Inwardly forgive the grandmother for all the insults andInjustice, which were once between you. Then sincerely ask her forgiveness. Tell her about how you love her, hug her and kiss her. Make a confidential conversation with her. To persuasion do not start right away, but after a week or two. Relationships should be strengthened, the ice should melt, and your sincerity - leave no doubt. Remember, if the grandmother later succumbs to persuasion, and you again begin to treat her coldly, she will be offended, and it will be hard to survive the deception.


During persuasion, use the power of persuasion, andNot coercion. Explicitly and intelligibly explain to her the essence of what you are going to do, the reasons that prompted you to do so. Explain to her that her consent is important. Tell her about all the positive aspects of your idea and threaten them with negative ones. For example, if you persuade your grandmother to throw trash, threaten that a moth, cockroaches, flies and mice will start. Act slowly, slowly, with persuasions, explanations and gifts. Sometimes a non-standard and unexpected idea helps a lot. For example, if the grandmother refuses to drink tablets, threaten that you will not eat.


If you need to persuade my grandmother to do anythingSerious, for example, to move, ask for help from an authoritative person. For most grandmothers, the authorities are the same elderly people as she, girlfriends and neighbors, doctors. If you enlist their help, your chances of success will increase dramatically. On the other hand, in order to win over a stranger to his side and persuade him to help you, you will have to use your communication skills, friendliness and persuasion to the fullest.

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