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How to persuade a grandmother

How to persuade a grandmother

Older women tend to have a long-standing attitudes and values, not like a big change in my life, as bad for them to adapt, all new prefer the old proven.

Therefore, to convince grandparents that something serious is often a problem.



Before you begin persuasions, rememberrelationship with your grandmother. If you live with it in perfect harmony, regularly pay attention to her - your entreaties are doomed to success. Good old woman would be difficult to deny the favorite grandson or granddaughter loved. If your relationship has recently left much to be desired, start working in this direction.


Internally forgive all wrongs and grandmotherinjustice that were once between you. Then sincerely ask for forgiveness from her. Tell her that you love her, hug her and kiss. Start with her confidential conversation. By persuasion does not proceed immediately, but after a week or two. The relationship should be strengthened, the ice should melt, but your sincerity - leave no doubt. Remember, if the grandmother later succumb to persuasion, and again you start to cool her attitude, she would be offended, and will be hard to experience fraud.


During use persuasion powers of persuasion, andnot coercion. Sensibly and effectively explain to her the essence of what are going to do, the reasons podvignuvshih you on this. Explain to her that her consent is important. Tell her about all the positive aspects of your idea and threatened to negative. For example, if you throw trash persuading grandmother, threatened to be acquired moles, cockroaches, flies and mice. Proceed slowly, slowly, with persuasion, explanation and gifts. Sometimes it is very good non-standard and unexpected idea. For example, if the grandmother refuses to drink tablets, threaten that you will not eat.


If you want to talk to her grandmother anythingserious, such as relocation, ask for help from an authoritative person. For most authorities grandmothers are the same old people, like her, girlfriends and neighbors, doctors. If you enlist their help, your chances of success will increase dramatically. On the other hand, to win over the unknown man and persuade him to help you to have full capacity to use communication skills, friendliness and beliefs.

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