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How women perceive men


How women perceive men</a>

Men and women are very different.

Characters, emotional manifestations, reaction to the environment - differences in everything.

And very often men do not understand women, because they can not correctly decipher their actions.



Men, like a strong sex, are always ready for a bitGive in to women. Therefore, they are perplexed when they see aggression and excessive perseverance from the beautiful lady. After all, it is enough to just ask and give the man time to think about what he has heard. But women are in a hurry, they want to get what they want immediately, which often leads to conflicts.


Men can not stand when they are crushed. When forced to do something against their will. Women with such behavior strong sex bypasses. At the same time, they perfectly perceive women's tricks, which allow them to get everything they need from a man quickly and easily. At the same time, there is no pressure. A woman does so that a man makes his own decision. All are happy, quarrels and scandals have not arisen.


Strong sex often perceives wrong signs,Which are served by women. For example, a request for help is regarded as flirting. A man starts joking, flirting, although in fact a woman really needs a favor. On this behavior the ladies take offense and go to look for a less active helper. Although everything could really end up flirting, just love games are worth starting after helping, not until.


Men often take offense at women'sOptional. It seems that her friend promised to do something and forgot about it. Here all the catch is in the difference of perception. When a girl says that she will try, for example, to go to the store for groceries, she means that she will buy everything that is needed, if there is time, desire, the heel will not break, will not be detained at work, etc. That is, her words are not a promise, but an assumption. A man, saying that he will try, really tries to fulfill the request and does everything that is needed. He expects the same behavior from the partner, and she does not understand why he is angry.


Men and women are very different, and to avoidThey need to learn how to talk. Explaining their views on this or that problem, the partners will quickly reach mutual understanding and stop arguing over trifles.

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