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How women perceive men

How women perceive men

Men and women are very different.

The characters, emotional expressions, reactions to others - differences in all.

And very often men do not understand women, because they can not decipher their actions properly.



Men are the stronger sex, always ready bityield to women. Therefore, they are puzzled when they see excessive aggression and persistence on the part of a beautiful lady. After all, it is simple enough to ask for and give a man time to think heard. But the women rush, want to get what you want immediately, which often leads to conflict.


Men can not stand it when they are under pressure. When forced to do something against their will. Women with this behavior the stronger sex bypasses. At the same time they are well perceived female tricks that you always get from the man quickly and simply all you need. The pressure is not provided. Woman doing so, that a man like himself decides. Everybody is happy, quarrels and scandals have arisen.


The stronger sex often takes the wrong signs,women who served. For example, a request for help is seen as flirting. The man begins to joke, flirt, although in fact she really needs the service. In such behavior ladies are offended and go to look for a less-active assistant. Although things could really end up flirting, just a love of the game is to begin after helping, not before.


Men are often offended by femaleoptionality. It seems to be a friend has promised to do something and forgot about it. Here all the difference in the perception of the catch. When she said that she would try, for example, go to the store for groceries, she has in mind would buy everything you need, if you have time, desire, will not break the heel without delay at work, etc. That is her words - not a promise, but a guess. And the man, saying that he would try, really try to comply with the request and does everything you need. He is waiting for the same conduct on the part of the partner, and she does not understand why he is angry.


Men and women are very different, and to avoidconstant conflict, they need to learn to talk. Explaining his view on this or that problem, the partners quickly reach mutual understanding and cease to argue over trifles.

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