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How to pay the debt in the bank

How to pay off your debt in a bank

At present, the purchase of household appliances, and real estate loans became a common practice for all sections of the population. But, however, neither simplifies the process of obtaining loans, it is not always profitable.

Usually they try to repay the loan as soon as possible to get out of debt and not to spoil the credit history.



Read and understand your loan contract & nbsp- & nbsp- and see whether there were in this document from the bank penalties for early repayment.


Talk to your bank if you are convinced that the penaltyfor early repayment does not threaten you. Notify the credit department of the bank that you intend to pay off the full amount before the expiry of the due date. The Bank will examine payments at the moment and will calculate the balance owed.


Payments made after the specified amount of calculations.


Take the bank's written confirmation,that your loan is fully repaid and the bank has no financial claims not to you, in order to avoid unpleasant situations and to confirm your positive credit history.


Find out in the bank, what will be the amount of the fine imposed for untimely payment of the entire amount of remaining credit in case if it is stipulated by the charter of the bank.


Analyze the situation and decide inAre you able to pay a fine or you better wait until then, until the end of the action the bank imposed a ban on early repayment of the loan.


Payment of fines and the amount of remaining credit,if you have the necessary funds, and free yourself from burdensome obligations. & nbsp-Be sure to take a bank letter, which will be confirmed by the loan repayment and no obligation on your part.


Talk to your bank statement in the name ofleadership, if the early repayment of debt is not provided, it is often the case with short-term and & nbsp-small-sum loans. In a statement, specify that you want to pay in advance for the rest of the loan amount.


Wait for 1 month for a response from the bank.


The payment of the remaining amount of the debt, if the bank has sent you permission, but be sure to take the employee organization document confirming the full repayment of the loan.

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