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How to pay off a debt in a bank


How to pay off a debt in a bank</a>

Currently, the purchase of household appliances and real estate on credit has become a common practice for all segments of the population. But, no matter how simplified the procedures for obtaining loans, it is not always profitable.

Usually the loan is tried to repay at the first opportunity to get rid of debts and not to spoil the credit history.



Carefully read your credit & nbsp-contract & nbsp- and see if there are penalties for this loan from the bank for early repayment of the loan.


Contact the bank if you are convinced that a fineFor early repayment you are not threatened. Notify the credit department of the bank that you intend to pay the entire amount before the expiration of the due date. The bank will check the status of payments at the moment and calculate the balance of the debt.


Pay the amount specified after the calculations made.


Take a written confirmation from the bank that,That the loan you repaid in full, and the bank has no financial claims to you, to avoid the emergence of unpleasant situations and to confirm your positive credit history.


Find out in the bank what the amount of the penalty will be for the premature payment of the entire amount of the remaining loan in the event that it is stipulated by the charter of the bank.


Analyze the current situation and decideWhether you are in a position to pay a fine or you better wait until the bank's ban on early repayment of the loan ends.


Pay the penalty amounts and the remaining loan,If you have the necessary funds for this, and free yourself from the painful obligations. & Nbsp-Be sure to take a letter in the bank, in which the repayment of the loan and the absence of obligations on your part will be confirmed.


Contact the bank with a statement addressed toManagement, if early repayment of debt is not provided, which is often the case with short-term and "small" loans. In the application, indicate that you want to pay in advance the entire remaining loan amount.


Wait for 1 month from the bank.


Pay the remaining amount of the debt, if the bank has sent you a permit, but be sure to take from the employee of the organization a document confirming the full repayment of the loan.

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