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How to pay taxes on forex

How to pay taxes on forex

Work on Forex trader brings some income, which, like any other profit is subject to taxation.

Many currency market participants arise in connection with this many questions about the rules of calculation and payment of taxes in this case.



Refer to article 207 of the Tax Code. It notes that the taxpayers of personal income tax (tax on income of physical persons) are all individuals, recognized tax residents and profiting from a variety of sources. Article 208 of the Tax Code specifies that the tax is subject to profits derived from sources both in Russia and abroad.


Check out the letter of the RF Ministry of Finance №03-03-04 / 1/629on August 16, 2006. According to the letter profits earned from activities in the organizations involved in the international currency Forex market is considered to be taxable and subject to mandatory payment under the general rate of 13%.


Pay income tax only on the amount,which are removed from the trading terminal Forex trader's bank account or cashed through a bank transfer. Tax legislation does not contain provisions regulating the procedure and the payment of taxes on the profits derived from the transaction on the difference in rates. Thus, the taxation of income from Forex trading is carried out according to the general provisions of the Tax Code, are not taken into account when calculating the tax base losses of previous periods. Not advised to hide income earned. "Lit up" your profits can the banks at the time of withdrawal, as they are reported to the tax authorities of the people, to cash some money. Also, police can ask about the presence of your funds in the event of a major purchase. In identifying the fact of non-payment, the taxpayer is charged a decent penalty.


Declare income, guided by art.229 of the Tax Code of the profit on the Forex in a tax return no later than April 30 of the current tax year. Amount indicated on the basis of the transfer of funds from the accounts of acts dillingovyh forex center to your bank account. File a tax return to the Internal Revenue Service in the community.


Pay the tax on personal income for the period until 15 July, after submission of the declaration of residence.

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