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How to pay tax on non-residential premises

How to pay tax on non-residential premises

Upon delivery of the non-residential premises for rent orselling landlord must pay taxes, the amount of which depends on the situation, including the transaction amount, the presence of the necessary documents, and other factors.



If you give non-residential premises for rent as aan individual, please provide documents that prove your income with the rental premises, the local tax office. According to the Tax Code a natural person, at the time of non-residential space for rent to another natural person shall pay taxes 13 per cent of the revenue.


If you are an individual, but it seems non-residential premises for rent individual entrepreneur or a legal person, visit your local tax office and explain the situation. You will not be charged taxesSince, according to the Tax Code in a similar situation taxes pays tenant himself.


If you provide space for rentan individual, but a tax on non-residential premises in the 13 per cent think too much, register as an individual entrepreneur. In this case, your respect simplified tax system and you will be given to the treasury, only 6 percent of the revenue will be used. However, in this case you, if something were to happen, answer their property that does not threaten individual.


If you are selling non-residential premises as an entrepreneur, reported on this in the local tax office. You pay STS-tax of 6 per cent of the amount of income received.


If you have decided to sell non-residential premises, whichyou have owned for three years or more as an individual, that is, not within the framework of business, you do not have to pay tax. If you as an individual sell non-residential premises, which owned less than three years, provide documents about the transaction to tax. You will pay tax on personal income. However, you can not pay the tax to the total income received.


You have two options:
1.Vospolzuytes property tax deduction. In the case of non-residential premises, he is 250 000 rubles. For example, if you pay for the room 3 000 000 rub., The taxable income will be 3 000 000 - 250 000 = 2.75 million rubles. Then the amount of the tax is equal to 2.75 million x 13% = 357,500 rub.2.Predostavte the tax office documents that confirm your expenses associated with the transaction (for example, the value of the premises at which you bought it earlier). . Then, if you paid for the room, say, 2 500 000 rubles, and sold it for 3 000 000, the taxable income will be 3 000 000 - 2 500 000 = 500 000 rubles. In this case, the amount of tax will be equal to 500,000 x 13% = 65 000 rubles.

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