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How to pay with credit cards

How to pay with credit cards

Credit Card You can pay for your purchase througha special device called POS-terminal, or a form of payment on the internet site. This is convenient because it eliminates the need to carry cash, especially large sums of money, and you pay via the Internet - to make purchases, but leaving your computer.

Pay for a number of services on the map, you can also use the ATM.

You will need

  • - credit card-
  • - Passport (not in all cases) -
  • - A computer with Internet access.



If the outlet is equipped with a device receiving payment on the cards at the entrance to her, and directly at the box office if any logos usually have a plastic card systems that are accepted.

In some cases, the seller should be warned about the desire to pay the card, but most simply offer it for payment instead of cash.

Sometimes, the buyer may be required to present a passport or other document with a photo.

After making the payment receipt is printed intwo copies. According to the rules, both must sign both the buyer and the cashier. In practice, in a copy of the check the buyer usually signs only that remains in the outlet.


In case of payment via the Internet after the command tothe transition to the payment necessary to enter in the appropriate fields card number, name and owner's name (exactly as they are written on the front side of the card) and expiration date (month and year), and the code on its reverse side (the last three digits under the field for signature).

The bank that issued the card may request an additional identifier for your safety. For example, one-time password is sent via SMS to the owner of the number.


A cash machine can pay for the services of operatorscellular communications, internet service providers and others. To do this, insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code, select the Service option payment (or payments), a genus of services that you want to pay and provider from the list. Then, enter your ID (phone number, contract or otherwise), enter the amount of payment and give the command for payment.

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