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How to pay for the electricity meter

How to pay for the electricity meter

Timely paying for electricity, you can avoid having to pay a penalty.

And in order to accurately determine the amount to be paid, you must be able to correctly read the meter readings and perform calculations.

You will need

  • - flashlight-
  • - kalkulyator-
  • - avtoruchka-
  • - kvitantsiya-
  • - chernovik-
  • - Money.



Read the meter readings should beapproximately the same number of times each month. Record the figures, which are located before the decimal point. That number, which is displayed on the counter corresponds to the number of kilowatt-hours consumed since installation of the device or reset. Kilowatt-hour - the amount of energy consumption corresponding to one watt for one hour. Such an amount can also be spent, loaded the network capacity of 100 watts (as one thousand equals one kilowatt Watt) for 10 hours over 2 kW hour etc.


To find out the number of kilowatt-hours,spent one month, to be deducted from the current indications earlier taken a month ago. For example, if the current reading is 24879, and the previous - 24707, for a month spent 24879-24707 = 172 kilowatt-hours. If the counter for the month is full, new readings of it (only to new!) Ascribe the left one, and only then is subtracted. For example, the new reading is 00054, and the previous - 99870. Then this month 100054-99870 = consumed 184 kilowatt-hours.


Calculate the cost of electricity consumed. For this amount spent per month kilowatt-hours, multiply the cost of one kilowatt-hour. For example, if you spent 142 kilowatt-hour, while the cost of each of them is 4.2 rubles, will have to pay 596 rubles 40 kopecks. Some counters are multi-tariff. They can automatically deduct the current readings of the past and display the results of the subtraction for each of the tariffs by pressing buttons. Which button should be pressed for this it depends on the model of the counter and indicated in his statement. The amount of energy consumed for each of the tariff increase on the cost of a kilowatt-hour in the corresponding tariff, the results add up.


Now fill the bill. It may be, for example, the following fields: "The counter - current, previous," "consumption in kilowatt-hours," "The tariff per kilowatt-hour," "on the testimony of Sum", "Privilege", "Charge for the month" . Note that in the "Amount on the testimony" should fit you calculated the cost of electricity consumed per month, and in the "Charge for the month" - the difference between this value and the benefits - it will be the amount payable. If the benefit is you are not supposed to leave the relevant box blank, and the value of the field "Charge for the month" will be equal to the value of the field "Amount on the testimony." In tariff meters the receipt may be as many rows as envisaged tariffs. It is necessary to fill each of them, as well as designed for this field to specify the amount of pre-calculated for all tariffs. Now you can go to pay for a receipt.

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