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How to pay by electricity meter


How to pay by electricity meter</a>

Timely paying for electricity, you can avoid the need to pay a penalty.

And in order to accurately determine the amount to be paid, it is necessary to be able to correctly read the meter readings and perform calculations.

You will need

  • - flashlight-
  • - calculator-
  • - fountain pen-
  • - receipt-
  • - Draft-
  • - money.



Read the meter readings should beApproximately on the same day of each month. Record the numbers that are before the comma. The number displayed on the meter corresponds to the number of kilowatt-hours consumed from the moment of installation of the device or its zeroing. Kilowatt-hour is the amount of energy that corresponds to the consumption of one kilowatt for one hour. This amount can also be consumed by loading a 100 W power grid (because one kilowatt is equal to a thousand watts) for 10 hours, 2 kW for half an hour, and so on.


To find out the number of kilowatt-hours,Spent for one month, it is necessary to subtract from the previous readings taken earlier a month ago. For example, if the current reading is 24879, and the previous reading is 24707, then 24879-24707 = 172 kilowatt-hours are spent per month. And if the counter has overflowed for a month, add one to the new readings (only to new ones!) And then subtract it. For example, the new readings are 00054, and the previous readings are 99870. Then 100054-99870 = 184 kilowatt-hours are consumed per month.


Calculate the cost of consumed electricity. To do this, multiply the amount of kilowatt-hours spent per month by the cost of one kilowatt-hour. So, if you spent 142 kilowatt hours, and the cost of each of them is 4.2 rubles, you will have to pay 596 rubles 40 kopecks. Some meters are multi-tariff. They can automatically subtract the current readings from the previous ones and display the results of such subtraction for each of the tariffs by pressing the buttons. Which buttons should be pressed for this depends on the counter model and is indicated in its instruction. The amount of energy consumed for each of the tariffs multiplied by the cost of kilowatt-hour in the corresponding tariff, the results add up.


Now fill out the receipt. It can have, for example, the following fields: "Counter readings - current, previous", "Consumption in kilowatt-hours", "Tariff for one kilowatt-hour", "Sum under indications", "Benefit", "Accrued per month" . Please note that in the field "Amount by indications" you should enter the calculated cost of electricity consumed per month, and in the field "Accrued per month" - the difference between this cost and the benefit - this will be the amount payable. If you are not entitled to a privilege, leave the corresponding field empty, and the value of the field "Accrued per month" will be equal to the value of the "Amount by indications" field. With a multi-tariff counter, there can be as many rows in the receipt as are provided for by tariffs. It is necessary to fill in each of them, and also in the field designated for this, specify the amount calculated in advance for all tariffs. Now you can go to pay the receipt.

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