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How to pay for the application

Mobile applications are able to turn the whole of human life. This is a great tool for entertainment, work, study and organization of time.

But quality applications cost money.

How to pay for the application?



The most used mobile operatingsystem in the world is the Android from Google. In many ways, this fame and the love of ordinary users for free and due to its ease of handling. Android - a flexible system, it is possible to establish "live wallpaper", change the appearance of their own.


To install the applications you needsign up for the Google Play store. Then you need to synchronize your mobile device with the system. Now the free app can be installed in one click. For paid applications will need to create a Google-Wallet.


If you have a single Google Account (MailGmail or Google+), you can immediately register for wallet.google.com service. If the account is not, you can register it on the same service. You will need to link to your Google Wallet Phone Number - this is done for security purposes.


Now you can proceed to the payment applications forAndroid. In the Google Play Store app, click on the price, select "Payment methods." You can use a credit card or electronic funds or money Webmoney "Yandex" systems.


One of the easiest ways to buy applicationsPayment is through their mobile operator. Representatives of the "Big Three": "Megaphone" and MTS and "Beeline" allow to deduct money directly from the account. To carry out the operation must be in the menu "Payment methods" tab, select "Payment through operator", to check the data and pay. The money will be debited from your account within 15 minutes.


To pay for the software Apple AppStore mobile technologywill use the data provided during registration User ID (single system identifier). Requires tied Visa or MasterCard, money will be debited automatically.

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