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How to pay for the antenna Tricolour

How to pay for the antenna Tricolour

Russian operator of satellite TV"Tricolor TV" started broadcasting in late 2005. Today is possible to connect 4 basic package of television channels, among which there are also free, as well as 4 additional package.

Equipment required to connect to the operator can be ordered online from any point of Russia or dealer in your area, as well as purchased at retail outlets.

Pay services can be further variety of ways.

Payment via the Internet

Transfer money for services renderedcompany "Tricolor TV", you can through a computer, mobile phone or tablet with the help of electronic money systems operating in the territory of Russia. Such systems include "Yandex. Money »,« Qiwi-purse »,« WebMoney »,« Деньги@mail.ru »and others. List the payment in real time and without the help of the commission also internet banking system mode, but to use this service can only customers "Tricolor TV" partner banks. This network online customer service system "Sberbank Online", "VTB 24", "Agricultural Bank", "Alfa Bank", "Banca Intesa", "Absolut Bank", "Russian Standard" and others.

Payment to the official website

Another payment method - is the creation onthe official website of the personal account of the operator, with which you can both transfer money for services, and to keep funds for subsequent payment. Manage account so you can not only via the Internet, but also on the phone through the contact center company. The official website of the operator in the section "How to pay" you can make the payment with a credit card Visa or MasterCard, as well as transfer funds from your mobile number. There is also a possibility to activate and a special card "Tricolor TV", which are purchased from authorized dealers.

Payment through banks and ATMs

The operator is working with a number of banks at the box officewhich can be accomplished operator fees for cash. This "Sberbank of Russia", "BIN", "UralSib Bank", "System" City "," Bank Zenit "," Agricultural Bank "," Bank of Moscow "," Bank Stroycredit "," MDM Bank ". In these credit institutions, as "Russian Standard", "Gazprombank", "Absolut Bank", "Bank Petrocommerce", "Rosselhozbaek", "UralSib Bank" and "VTB 24", you can make a bank transfer via ATM without commission.

Payment at post offices, mobile phone stores and terminals

for carrying out payment without commission inoffices of Russian Post. Services "Tricolor TV", you can pay at the ticket office of any of them. No fees in cash operator services can be paid and mobile phone stores "The Messenger", "Euroset", "MTS" and other payment acceptance points ( "Eldorado", "Frisbee", "Mary-ra", "West Telecom" and "Alt Telecom "). Payment for services provided by the operator, and is produced in any of the payment terminals in the "Television". However, in this case, the subscriber usually surcharge.

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