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How to pay for loans

How to pay for loans

The situations are different, and even the most well-thought-out plan can be overturned by unforeseen circumstances.

For example, a law-abiding borrower can suddenly become seriously ill or even lose their jobs, and it predstoitstolknutsya a serious problem with the repayment of the loan.

What can be done in this situation?



For a start, no need to panic, in despairsprinkle ashes on his head or start to dry crackers. It is best to objectively assess your situation and plan exit from this situation. Refinancing - run to another bank for a new loan and get into one more debt to cover old - is not the best option. Also, do not go to extremes and to escape from creditors in the woods, mastering extreme survival in the forest. A more sensible option - to contact your bank and try to solve the problem together. After all, if Logically, a bank (with one hand) is interested in the fact that the borrower has paid the entire loan, and (the other) extra judicial proceedings are not necessary.


What is offered by the bank as a way out of this situation?

Option 1. Provide delay payments on the loan, giving you the ability to restore their ability to pay for some time.

Option 2. Extension of loan term by changing the schedule of monthly payments, while reducing their value this.

Option 3: Conversion of a loan into another currency in order to reduce the amount of payments.


For its part, you, as a borrower, should alsomake every effort to solve the problem. If your financial situation has worsened due to illness, give the bank all the necessary information that will confirm this. If you are fired, then try to find a new job, even if it pays less than the previous position or - at least temporarily, until you settle your loan. As long as you look for a more suitable option work, you will be able to cope with the current payments.


If you took out a loan to buy a new apartment,it is possible to rent out or sell. Of course, the latter option is not desirable, especially in the economic situation in our country, but in extreme situations this may be the only way out. Whatever the solution out of the situation you choose, the main thing - not to delay it, hoping "at random", and begin to address the problem immediately. But above all how to think about and weigh.

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