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How to pay for electricity in Moscow


How to pay for electricity in Moscow</a>

Timely payment of utility bills, such as electricity, will help you avoid many problems.

For example, in case of delay in payment, a penalty is charged,Not very large in itself, but significant with a significant delay. But many people with a busy schedule may experience payment problems simply because of time constraints.

For this purpose, the Moscow city authorities responsible for providing public services have organized various methods of payment, depending on the needs of people.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet-
  • - plastic bank card or cash.



Find out how much you need to pay. To do this, take the reading from the meter that is installed in your apartment. At the same time, the previous indications are not required to be saved, they are stored in the Mosenergosbyt computer system.


Come to one of the branches of the banks indicated on theSite of Mosenergosbyt. Pre-download the receipt for payment on the same site. Please note that the commission may differ depending on the bank, so it needs to be clarified in advance. If your house is closer to the post office, you can pay for electricity there.


If you have a bank card, payElectricity, without leaving home. To do this, go to the "How to pay" section of the Mosenergosbyt website, find the "Methods of payment for electricity" rubric and select the option "Bank card on our website". Then click on the image of the card, select the payment system you want to use, and enter the last name, first name and patronymic of the person who registered the utility service contract, account number, meter readings, card number, owner's name, expiration date and code CV2, which is on the back of the card. Check all the data and click on "Confirm".


If you are afraid or do not want to pay throughInternet, you can use the phone. To do this, call the Mosenergosbyt telephone center for one of these numbers: 8-800-555-0-555, 8-495-981-981-9.


Also for your convenience, you can configureAutomatic transfer of a certain amount to your personal account in Mosenergosbyt. To do this, you need to specify the details of your bank account, for example, the one to which the employer transfers your salary.

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