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How to pay IP accounts


How to pay IP accounts</a>

An entrepreneur can pay bills to him both from his account and in cash through third-party banks.

If you pay from a settlement account, a PI can send a payment order to the bank in hard copy or form it in the Bank-Client system and send it for execution in electronic form.

You will need

  • - the invoice with the details of the payee-
  • - money for payment of the amount in the account and commission of the bank-
  • - visit to the bank (not in all cases) -
  • - payment order (not in all cases) -
  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet (not in all cases) -
  • - Bank-client (not in all cases).



If you prefer to pay Invoices Cash through Sberbank or other creditOrganization, you will need to fill out the receipt yourself. You can do this on your computer if you have an electronic receipt form (Sberbank receipt is easy to find on the Internet) or directly on the spot by hand.


Then it remains to apply to the bank's operator and send him a completed receipt and money.
The main disadvantage of this method is to introduceRequisites will have to be handwritten, so that the probability of errors is very high. It is best to get the invoice electronically and copy the necessary values ​​from it.
In the field for the purpose of payment in this and other cases it is sufficient to write "payment Invoices No. ... from (date in the format "dd.mm.yyyy"). "


For payment from your settlement Invoices You must prepare a payment order. It is best to use a special accounting program or online service (for example, "My case" or the Electronic bookkeeper "Elba" - in both the option of forming a payment is provided). But you can limit yourself to the template of this document, which can be found on the Internet.
All the necessary details you can enter from the keyboard, but more reliably, as in the previous step, copy from the electronic media. Verify the payment with the signature and with the seal and take it to the bank.


If you prefer to use the Bank-client, most likely, you will only need the name of the recipient, the number of its settlement Invoices And BIC Bank, where he opened. All other requisites will be automatically picked up by the BIC. Do not forget to fill in the field "Purpose of payment".


Ready payment using the system interfaceBe certified by an electronic digital signature (usually by the option "Sign") and sent for execution to the bank. After the bank processes your payment (you will see this information in the system in its status information), do not forget to print this document with a bank note.

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