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How to pay bills SP

How to pay bills SP

The entrepreneur can pay his bills exhibited both on his account and cash through the bank.

When paying from current SP account can be transferred to the bank payment order in paper form or shape it into a system of bank-client and transmit performance in electronic form.

You will need

  • - The invoice with details of the recipient platezha-
  • - The money to pay the amount on the invoice and commissions banka-
  • - A visit to a bank (in all cases) -
  • - The payment order (not in all cases) -
  • - a computer-
  • - Internet access (not in all cases) -
  • - Bank-Client (not in all cases).



If you prefer to make payment accounts cash through Sberbank or another creditorganization, you will need to fill out a receipt. You can do this on the computer in the presence of an electronic receipt form (receipt of Sberbank easy to find on the Internet) or directly on the site by hand.


Then it remains to appeal to the Bank customer and give him a completed receipt and money.
The main drawback of this method - enterrequisites have on hand, so that the very high probability of errors. It is best if possible to get an invoice in electronic form and copy the desired value from it.
As for the reason for payment field in this and other cases it is enough to write "payment accounts Number of ... (date in the "dd.mm.yyyy" format). "


For payment from your current accounts you must prepare the payment order. It is best to use a special accounting software or online service (for example, "My job" or Electronic Accountant "Elba" - in both the option of forming bills). But we can restrict and template of the document, which can be found on the Internet.
All the necessary details you can enter from the keyboard, but safer, as in the previous step, copy of the electronic medium. Assure payment order signed in the presence of the seal and take it to the bank.


If you prefer to use the bank client, most likely you will be required only the name of the recipient, its estimated number accounts and the bank's BIC, where the open. All other details of the system will select automatically BIC. Do not forget to fill in the column "Purpose of payment".


The completed payment order via the system interfacereassure the electronic digital signature (usually by means of an option "Sign") and send for execution to the bank. After the bank processes your payment order (this information you will see in the system in the information about its status), do not forget to print out the document with the bank.

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