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How to pay the traffic fine


Owners of private vehicles sometimes subject to a fine for an administrative offense, imposed by the traffic police.

In this case, the driver is issued a protocol, which specifies all the details necessary for paying the fine.

To pay a fine of traffic, you can use one of many currently existing methods.

  1. The easiest way to pay a fine of traffic in one of theSavings Bank branches. To do this, you must fill out a ticket and pay a fine to the bank cashier. Once you have paid the fine, the receipt of his payment must be compulsorily transferred to the traffic police & ndash- for this it is necessary to send it by mail or in person to take. If you have paid a fine in the bank, but have forgotten or failed to pass the traffic police receipt of payment, the penalty is considered to be outstanding.
  2. For owners of electronic purses therea much faster way to pay traffic fines. To do this, use the popular payment system Yandex.Money & ndash- visit the appropriate page, fill the form and payment to hold the payment. Remember that in this case the Commission will be 7% of the amount of the fine (from 10 rubles and above).
  3. Furthermore, to date it operatesEasy and convenient fine payment system called & laquo-payments traffic online & raquo-. Using this system, you can pay the fine by master card or visa payment, without leaving home. Because the system involves the automatic sending of information about the payment traffic in the database, you do not have to take back a receipt or send by mail a copy of it to the department of traffic police. By the way, this system allows you not only to pay fines, but also introduce a fee for vehicle registration or payment for obtaining a driver's license. Also, it can help to quickly and simply add the required amount of money for the passage of the periodic inspection of the vehicle.
  4. In many cities set payment terminals& Laquo-JCB & raquo-, by which also you can make any amount of money to pay traffic fines. Whichever of these methods you may use it, remember that you should make the payment in a timely manner & ndash- since 2009, the law, according to which the failure to pay a fine of traffic leads to repeated fines and a ban on travel outside the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, always specify in advance, if you have unpaid debts, before heading overseas tour. & Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp-

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