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PATERNITY daughter in matters of education

Fatherhood in matters daughters education

The father's role in the life and education of children is incredibly important, and it only becomes more responsible when it comes to the education of her daughter.

From the very first years of his life for my daughter is the father of the perfect man, so all that his father says, they take very seriously.

What should be kept in mind when bringing up her daughter?



Remember that the behavior of the father towards his daughter remembered as a kind of standard of behavior of all men and, as a consequence, a key criterion for the selection of the second half.


Father can not be strictly criticize her daughter no matter what she did, because it may very well just accept this criticism as a kind of attitude of men towards her.


All comments are to be made,You should be very soft and correct. In addition, it is impossible to assess with criticism mental abilities or personal qualities daughter. The best option criticism - to direct her attention to something that can be done better or differently ( "You're doing fine, I did it because I like And let's try not the case, and in another way I am sure that will turn out well..") .


You can not have a negative or critical about appearancedaughter, but too, too, need not overpraise it, that is not necessary to constantly compare her with other girls, and say that it is against the background of their queen. Father's praise - an excellent soil for the spoiled child, which in the future will not be able to adequately treat criticism.


Maintain confidence in all of its daughterendeavors and successes, in fact, in addition to femininity, it should also be laid understanding that any woman can achieve much without the help of men. It is important that your daughter is understood and realized.


Do not be ashamed of her some impropriety, especiallypublicly. Understand that in most cases, your daughter just is not fully aware of what she was doing. Instead of being ashamed of it, simply and correctly is available, explain the situation.


If you have to explain anything to her daughter, do it with respect, and in return you get the trust and respect of her daughter.

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