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Pastel colors in the interior

Pastel colors in the interior

Pastel shades - ever begin to be popular with designers.

They help create a soft, light and sophisticated interiors.

Due to these shades can visually enlarge the room, pick up a set of innovative solutions.



When you create an interior in pastel colorsyou must know the following: the pastel colors are perfect for a small area of ​​the premises, as they are visually increase the space. Also on the pastel colors are very strongly influenced by lighting. Therefore, you must know that when they look uniform illumination light, and when released into the shadows darken considerably. The play of light and shadow is very important when choosing a palette of shades. Pastel colors look good on almost all the invoices, but it would be better if the texture is smooth and matte. In order to create an interior, you need to take a few pastel colors with white color, it will give him an incomparable charm. In addition, the pastel shades are suitable for any room, they will create a comfortable atmosphere in your home.


The interior of the kitchen is ideal for glazedtile. Aesthetically furniture will look in pastel colors. Completeness and expressive cuisine underlined curtains made of satin, organza or cotton.


Pastel colors help relax bedrooms. As a floor covering use laminate or carpet, it will look good in that color scheme. Wallpapers better to use imitating silk, but also can be painted the walls matte paint, or use the Venetian plaster.


Living room
Living room, made in pastel tones, will berefined, if you correctly pick up three or four shades, combining them as textiles and upholstered. The interior of these colors will delight you and your family with its cozy atmosphere.

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