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How to pass the theory of probability


To understand the theory of probability is not as difficult as it seems.</a>

Probability theory is the branch of mathematics,Which is devoted to the study of the laws of random phenomena. This subject, if not separately, then in the course of mathematics, is given to almost all students, even if they study in the humanities.

And it is not an easy task for everyone to pass an exam on this subject - an easy task.



Read lectures. It would be great if you wrote your own lectures and solved all the examples and problems yourself, but if you do not have the opportunity to use your lectures, ask others. If you have ever been at odds with mathematics, then most likely you will be able to understand what is studying this subject and how to solve problems on it. Compared with mathematical analysis, the theory Probabilities easier.


Write cribs. If you still never get along with mathematics and understand this subject, just by lecturing, you can not - write cheat sheets. At least, the theory, which does not need to be solved, but simply needs to be written, is quite realistic to transfer from one paper medium to another. What, then, do with the examples? The simplest examples can still be solved with the help of your existing theory or with the help of similar tasks from lectures. Simply substitute the example data, in the solution of a similar problem and calculate the result. If you really can not solve the practical tasks themselves, ask friends who have a clue about the theory Probabilities, Help you to solve your tasks.


Abstract of what is happening. This tip is suitable for any exam, not just for the theory Probabilities. At moments when you go into a stupor and do notYou can solve the problem or recall the theory, it is worth taking your mind off what is happening in the exam. Look around, in the window, do not think about anything. You will stop worrying and look for a solution in a very narrow plane. If everything is done correctly and really can not think about anything, but simply internally monitor your state, then the decision or at least a hint on it will come to your mind by itself. If this does not work, then in the old manner either ask for help from classmates, or write off a theory or a problem.

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