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How to pass a garage

How to pass a garage

If for some reason you should freegarage, you can rent out. Letting garage can bring small replenishment of the family budget, so you can start looking for a potential tenant.

But do not rush to take the property to the first comer, and in general, be careful at the time of the garage may have problems and unpleasant situations.



Before you put an ad in a newspaper or hang them in the area, remove from garageand all the valuables. Also clean the room from the rubbish and other debris. slovenly garageand not very much attracted to motorists with new and expensive cars, old cars and people used to leave under the window of his house.


Once I found a tenant, stipulate the amount and deadline garageand, as well as the conditions and the date of payment. Do not forget to make a rental agreement and it will insure you from unpleasant cases, because to him, as a last resort, you can go to court or police. You must have two copies of the contract, you have one, the second lessee.


Apply to the tax that you give garage. Bypassing the law is very dangerous, if the tax inspection will reveal the fact of delivery garageand, while not received payments from the profit, you may experience major problems with huge fines. You must pay 13% of the amount you get for the change garagea. Once a year, you will have to attend and pass the tax declaration of income.


Check the condition of the room, in time will be chargedrent. If the money is delayed, solve it in private. It is not always the person simply refuses to pay, sometimes it is a good reason, such as the delay of salaries and other unforeseen situations.

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