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How to pass the exam on 100 points


How to pass the exam on 100 points</a>

In the spring, the schoolchildren have a hot time? Soon to pass the USE.

Not only that, and so constantly preparing for it, so here is also an exam at the bow.

But the subsequent actions of the prospective entrant strongly depend on the results of the USE.

Naturally, everyone in their hearts wants to pass this exam by one hundred points.



If you think about it, it turns out that the schoolTeachers give pretty good advice on the preparation for the passing of the USE. They basically consist in the following: sit at home and teach, teach and again teach. But overload can happen as a nervous breakdown, and fatigue, which is equally undesirable to experience before the exam. It is better to prepare a little, but in advance.


Preliminary preparation should beginApproximately for a year. In the sense of the academic year. As soon as the first of September crossed the threshold of the school, so immediately you can start looking for a tutor. It is most reliable to resort to the help of those who teach at the university. Such people have much more experience, plus, they can suggest some "tricks" that will help when passing the exam. Again, the presence of recommendations plays an important role. When the tutor comes in from the side, you have to take his word for it. But in fact, it is not known what kind of teacher he is and how he teaches.


A constant practice is necessary. The more tests will be decided, the more preparedness will be. While working with the test, the storage mechanism operates. Do not disdain to work on the errors. Carefully study that you could make a mistake, then solve this test again. If you need it? Then again. And so on, until there is not a single error in the whole test.


Naturally, there must be an independent study of the subject. Stable repetition of rules, laws, formulas. All this will not be superfluous. How big will the desire be? So much power and will be attached.

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