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How to pass the exam is 100 points

How to pass the exam is 100 points

In the spring of students' busy season? soon to pass the exam.

Not only that, and so is constantly ready for it, so here also on the nose exam.

But the results of the exam is quite dependent on follow-up actions of the future entrant.

Of course, in the hearts of everyone wants to take the exam for a hundred points.



If you think about, it turns out that the schoolteachers give pretty good advice on preparation for taking the exam. They mainly are as follows: sit at home and teach, teach and teach again. But the overload can happen as a nervous breakdown, and fatigue, which is equally undesirable to test before the exam. It is better to prepare a little, but in advance.


Advance preparation should be startedabout a year. In terms of the academic year. As soon as the first of September crossed the threshold of the school, so we can immediately begin the search for a tutor. Reliability of all recourse to those who teach in the university. Such people considerably more experience, plus they can suggest some? Trick ?, which will help with the exam. Again, an important role is played by the recommendations. When it comes to a tutor? Side ?, then we have to take his word. But really it does not know what kind of a teacher and how he teaches.


The continuous practice. The more tests will be decided, the greater will be prepared. During a test of memorization mechanism is triggered. Do not disdain to carry out work on the bugs. Take a close look, you could make a mistake, then proreshayte this test again. If you need? then again. And so until then, until around the test will not be any mistakes.


It is natural to be an independent study of the subject. Consistent repetition of rules, laws, and formulas. All this will be superfluous. How big is the desire? so much effort and will be applied.

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