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How to pass the exam in gai the first time

How to pass the exam in gai the first time</a>

It is believed that passing the exam at the traffic police, especially at the racetrack, is often an insurmountable obstacle to obtaining a driver's license.

In order to take the practical part of the examIn GAI did not seem too complicated for you, it is necessary to remember the most common mistakes allowed by many novice drivers and invariably noticed by vigilant traffic policemen.

First and foremost, do not forget to buckle up, adjust the mirrors, and if you're on the way up & mdash- do not stand and do not stay on it for too long. & Nbsp-

Pay attention to the employees of the road inspection andTo parking errors, so take this task as responsibly as possible. Remember that any of the above errors, even admitted once, often leads to unsatisfactory grades in the exam.

To pass the exam at the traffic police with a positiveResult, try to visit in advance the procedure for passing exams by other novice drivers or ask them what errors the inspector focuses on. In most cases, drivers try to fully and thoroughly study all the theoretical aspects of driving, but do not pay due attention to the application of their knowledge in practice. And it's exactly such mistakes that cause the exam to be retaken repeatedly. & Nbsp-

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For example, one of the most commonErrors during the exam & ndash- the intersection of a continuous band. Many inspectors, taking the exam, instructed to turn around the intersection, on which the intermittent line on the road turns into a continuous line. Do not succumb to this kind of provocation & mdash- they will later be counted as an error, and you will not be able to take the exam at the GAI this time. In this case it is necessary to answer that according to the rules of the road, it is forbidden to turn in this place. Always rely on your knowledge & ndash- they will help you not only not to succumb to provocation, but also feel more confident at the wheel of the car. & Nbsp-

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