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How to pass the math exam


How to pass the math exam</a>

When preparing for an exam in mathematics and successfully passing it, it is important to study regularly.

Systematic training and psychological attitude will help to build a clear scheme of decisions, the main methods and ways of finding them.

Successful training can combine self-study or coaching with a tutor, as well as preparatory courses.



You chose the method of preparation, studied a bunchLiterature, solved a lot of problems. Now you go to the exam with a lot of knowledge. How to effectively apply them in conditions of limited time, we will consider below.


If the exam is written, it usually lasts3-4 hours. At this time, a student or an applicant needs to solve a certain set of tasks. In this case, the main thing is to distribute time. Therefore, when preparing for the exam, do not forget to take the watch. If you solve the problem for more than half an hour, and before the decision is still far, go to the next. Return to the unsolved if there remain free minutes. At the same time, do not rush into the essence, carefully read the conditions.


Having received the examination sheet with the tasks,Review them, evaluate the degree of complexity. Always start with simple tasks, then go on to more difficult ones. Record the time for each decision, so you correctly distribute the forces to the remaining tasks.


Always execute a draft decision firstTasks, and then rewrite in the cleanup. In doing so, do so with each task completed. It is not necessary to solve all the tasks on the draft immediately, and then rewrite them. You just might not have enough time. Some commissions, along with the final option, of course, accept drafting. But there is no guarantee that this will be allowed in the exam.


If you prefer to go to the exam with a cheat sheet,Then do not deny yourself this. Many students and entrants are so much easier to cope with the excitement, they feel more confident. Writing cribs is also useful. So you remember some of the information under the influence of mechanical memory. But in any case, a strong knowledge in the head is always much more effective than any cheat sheet.

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