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How to pass the exam in mathematics

How to pass the exam in mathematics

In preparation for the exam in mathematics and its successful passage, it is important to regularly.

Systematic preparation and mental attitude will help build a clear scheme of solutions, the main methods and techniques of their location.

Successful training can combine self-study or coaching as well as training courses.



You have chosen the way of preparation, we delved into a heapliterature, solved many problems. Now you go to the exam with a great store of knowledge. How to effectively use them in a limited time, consider the following.


If the written exam, it usually lasts3-4 hours. At this time, the student or candidate should solve a specific set of tasks. In this case, the important thing is to allocate time. Therefore, preparing for an exam, do not forget to watch. If you decide to challenge more than an hour, while the solution is still far away, go to the next. Will return to the unsolved if left idle moments. At the same time, take the time to delve into the essence, read the conditions carefully.


After receiving the examination sheet with the tasks,review them, rate the degree of difficulty. Always start with the simple solution of tasks, then move on to more difficult. Pinpoint the time of each decision, so you are properly distribute power to the remaining job.


Always follow the rough decisionTasks, and then rewrite in the clean copy. In this case proceed as with each task execution. It is not necessary to decide on the draft once all the tasks, and then rewrite them. You simply can not have enough time. Some commissions, along with the finishing option, of course, take and blister. But there is no guarantee that the forthcoming exam you this will be allowed.


If you like to go to the exam with crib,do not deny yourself this. Many students and applicants so it is easier to cope with anxiety, they feel more confident. Write cribs also useful. So you remember some of the information under the influence of mechanical memory. But in any case, a strong knowledge in your head is always much more effective than any cribs.

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