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How to pass the exam in mathematics

How to pass the exam in mathematics

Many students at the word "test" appears immediately trembling at the knees.

It does not matter good or bad thing you know, the excitement is always there.

Before the exam the teacher of course fiercely prepare students to surrender, but sometimes this is not enough.

Let us consider how to prepare for and take the exam in mathematics successfully and without emotion.



To get started is exactly one week before the examto tune in to the fact that two or three hours a day will be given to mathematics. No arrangements with yourself, a distraction on computer games and stuff should not be on your mind. Only a firm decision to study mathematics.


Identify your weaknesses in the subject. For example, if you are hard to quadratic equations, modules, and construction schedules, we prepare the following working principle: start from the three hour sessions and pay quadratic equations 30 minutes, modules and 30 minutes, and schedule another 30 minutes. Plus five-minute breaks between the transition from one job to another. Total obtain 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes). It all depends, of course, on the amount of the weak, so you can vary the time and the number of topics. And in the first two or three days must be allowed for a half-hour of exercise for 5-10 minutes on the theoretical material on the subject.


The next thirty minutes rest repeatExam topics that can be mixed with weak subjects. The main criterion should be the speed of solutions, ie goal - as soon as possible to resolve the most greater number of tasks. It will develop quick thinking, and the exam you will to think and think through solutions faster.


After a five-minute break, we proceed to decisionexamination tickets. Now they are available material and are quite inexpensive. The time allotted for the tickets, will be approximately 30-35 minutes. After this training set is finished. Repeating this complex every day for a week, you will be able to learn the material in math and pass the exam well quickly and well.

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