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How to pass the exam


How to pass the exam</a>

There are many ways to pass the exam.

By choosing an individual method, you will achieve excellent results and pass any subject, regardless of its complexity.

Knowledge of psychological techniques will help make this not only simple, but also elegant.



So, consider the types of training. First, determine the degree of importance of the exam, evaluate your knowledge. If you think that this knowledge will not be of use to you, assessments are not in priority, and the change is necessary for a tick, make cribs and make efforts to study another subject. If you are going to a red diploma, watch for the purity of the student's record book, and the subject itself is extremely interesting, sort out the topic.


"Cheat sheets?"
The methods invented by our great-grandfathers have long been modified and abound with diversity, the creative approach.
Paper? Accordions (put in a sleeve, a pocket, a hairdress and turn a finger in the palm of your hand). Cons: take a long time to compose. Pros: a part of knowledge settles in the head.
Flags? Write answers, hide in clothes, sleight of hand and no triplets. Cons: Hide difficult, write a lot, it is suitable, if you can use your paper. Pros: you can learn from them.
Phones? Skydyvaete lectures, write off on ICQ, as you like, the main thing to go unnoticed. Cons: a small screen, you will not find a complicated question at once. Advantages: in advance the tickets are canceled in any amount, compactly.
The earpiece is a wonderful thing! I can not see, I can not hear, but the ticket is answered. The main thing is to find in advance a person who will dictate, give information, come up with a communication system? It's even fascinating. Cons: communication can be interrupted, the teacher with a sharp ear will quickly stop all conversations. Not cheap pleasure. Pros: fitting and passing is simple and easy.
Printout, this method has gained popularity. Printed lectures in small print on paper and hide in trousers, jackets. Cons: the packet is a decent size. It is necessary to remember where the corresponding answer lies. Pluses: everything is clearly visible, it takes a little time.


Dense study of the subject? The path is thorny, complex, but guarantees a minimum of 3 points.
1. At the beginning of the semester, find out the possibilities of obtaining an "automatic machine".

2. During the training try to understand the subject, to understand it. Learn the definitions, the main rules.

3. Note how the material is better remembered: when you copy, summarize, say aloud, listen, read books, view diagrams, explain to someone.


Training usually takes two periods:
For 1 - 3 days? It is convenient when grasped on the fly, the subject is not complicated, but in the end, all the same, only half of the material will be remembered.

For 2 - 3 weeks on a ticket a day? You can work out each ticket in detail, sort it out, but get closer to giving up your thoughts, and return to the period of 1 - 3 days.


There are always students who do not prepareIn general, but hand over for good grades. They have their secrets: they are erudite, or they are able to speak beautifully, are charming, have communication, but are unobtrusive. To earn such skills, it takes months of training, but, nevertheless, highlight the main points.


Inverbalance. Dress nicely, let it smell pleasantly from you, smile, keep your back straight, head proudly, create the impression of a man of light and knowing. Refrain: from twitching, any? It gives your nervousness, panic will create a bad impression. The teacher will doubt the independence of the work.


Verbalica. Speak loudly, confidently, without hurrying. If you read, pause, raise your eyes often. Teacher a woman first make a proper compliment. Do not joke, do not distract others. With additional questions, ask for time to think, you need to remember the lectures. Forgot what they wanted to say, say at least something, ask a clarifying question, show that they just forgot, but there is knowledge.

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