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How to pass on the right

How to pass on the right

Many people would like to drive a car, but not all are aware of the importance of training in a driving school.

Many see education as something necessary, a kind of stage that you must pass in order to get the right to drive the car.



Listen carefully to the teacher on the theory. He is here to give you the theoretical basis of driving and a lot of them! The theory will be so helpful in the practical driving.


Ask questions. If you do not know something or do not understand, your task - to get this information to the teacher. He will explain to you one more time. It is very important. You came to the driving school to get knowledge.


Follow all instructions of yourdriving instructor. You will turn out first driving skills on the racetrack. Only after the instructor considers it possible, it will give you the opportunity to go to the city. But even at the stage of the Circuit need to listen to the instructor and follow all his instructions.


If you do not understand something, ask again. When you get right the first time and go, there will be no one to ask. You will need to rely on their own knowledge.


On the day of the exam with the traffic police representative, becalm. This is the most important thing is half the battle. An employee of traffic police can be in a bad mood, do not react if it is you will have to hurry. You have passed a driving school, and know everything. Your task in the exam - just to demonstrate their knowledge of traffic police officers.

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