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How to pass the DELF

How to pass the DELF

For admission in a foreign school or job search in Western companies are often not just language skills.

Its competence is necessary to confirm the international diploma. For people wishing to work or study in French-speaking countries, you must be an examination DELF.

However, to get a good result for this exam should be carefully prepared.

You will need

  • - Training posobiya-
  • - a computer-
  • - access to the Internet.



Find out what level exam matchyour language skills. Total DELF in 4 levels - A1, A2, B1 and B2. A1 assumes a basic knowledge of the structure of language and the ability to hold a conversation on everyday topics. B2, in turn, requires the examinee's understanding of non-adapted texts of newspaper and magazine, radio reports, as well as opportunities to conduct business correspondence in French. Normally B2 - a minimum level of proficiency required for teaching in French universities. For graduates of linguistic faculties and other people who know French at an advanced level, there are also two levels DALF exam. As part of this test, you will need almost fluent French with knowledge of idiomatic expressions and professional vocabulary.

You can choose your own level of exam or pass a test in the middle of putting DELF in your city.


Start preparing for the exam. If you already have a good basic level of language, you can buy a manual for self-study. Books in preparation for the DELF is rare to find in a normal bookstore. It is best to search for them in specialized shops or foreign literature in bookshops universities that have faculties of foreign languages. You can also enroll to the tutor. The most effective are lessons in small groups of 5-7 people. Individual classes can be useful in large part to prepare for the most difficult exam - DALF.


Find the center of DELF putting in your city. Most often, the organizer of this examination stands Center Alliance fran? Aise, separation is opened in all major cities of Russia. If you live in a small village, you will have to come to the center of the exam.


Enroll nasdachu exam. Just a year held 3 sessions DELF delivery - in December, March and May. On exam better recorded at least one month. At the same time you will need to pay the cost of the test - an average of 1,500 to 3,000 rubles, depending on the level of the exam. Also, the cost can vary from region to region. If you decide to surrender DALF, you will be asked to pass a little test to check your level of knowledge of the language. You can also choose from two variants of tasks - on natural science or cultural and economic issues.


On the eve of the exam should be a night's sleep. You can not take any additional materials - the use of dictionaries and grammar reference books banned. It is best to bring your food and water - after passing the test on the perception of the text comprehension, reading and writing to you to be an oral part. If the participants a lot of waiting for their turn can take several hours.


Learn exam results. They are announced in 1-2 weeks after the exam session. Information can be obtained by telephone or on the website of your department Alliance fran? Aise. You are considered to have passed the test if you score more than 5 points for each of the blocks chetyrehh jobs and more than 50 points in the sum of all the work. The maximum number of points - 100.


If you cope with the exam successfully receiveher diploma to surrender DELF. These documents are produced in France, so the wait can take up to six months. If the certificate you need urgently, you can get information about the successful delivery of your DELF examination center.

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