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How to pass chemistry


How to pass chemistry</a>

Chemistry is a beautiful and interesting science, which not everyone can understand.

And to hand over though time it is necessary practically all.



Understand and learn the essence of chemical processesIs quite difficult. You need to be able to make chemical reactions, understand the classification and names of substances and compounds, and much more. How can you make sure that there is no confusion in your head?
Examine the list of tickets and compare it with that,That is in your existing textbooks. Look, maybe you have something missing, and you will need to spend time searching for the necessary material in other sources, how much material you have to learn and learn in a limited period of time, how many tickets per day you will need to learn to evenly Distribute forces or even provide at the end of the training period a certain amount of time for a quick repetition of the entire material and analysis and correction of possible remaining gaps in your knowledge. Memorize everything gradually, especially as regards those nomenclatural classifications: do not try to mindlessly memorize the table of consoles in the names of substances or other materials submitted by common lists. Everything must be done consistently and deliberately. In all such classifications there is a very definite logic that you just need to understand.


Remember that besides, actually, writing yourselfTickets, you can ask small additional questions or small problems, usually quality, for understanding. If the exam includes not only theory, but also practice, that is, the solution of problems, it is better to prepare theory and practice on the relevant topics in a comprehensive manner, rather than first to teach the whole theory, and then, if time remains, turn your attention to tasks.

Do not overload, take breaks for rest with a change of activities, but do not put off everything for the last day or, according to old tradition, night).


This is what concerns the oral examination. If the exam is to be submitted in writing, then the problem with additional questions disappears, but at the same time there is no possibility to explain something to the teacher in your entries in case of inaccuracies or correct them, therefore, in a written exam, you must state your thoughts very clearly, precisely and It is understandable to exclude any possible ambiguity or ambiguity.


Yes, and of course, the most important thing. Learn how to use Mendeleyev's table and quickly read information from it. This will greatly help you in the exam save time and effort - it contains a lot of useful data and tips.

How to pass chemistry

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