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HOW pass antiplagiat

How to pass antiplagiat

Complete automatic test for plagiarism, which are recently the majority of teachers to check the work of students in several ways.

Each method requires a qualitative study of the content of the text work.



The best option of passing the test for plagiarism- Writing the work yourself. It is clear that not all the proposals in the paper may be unique, quote, for example, it is not necessary to rephrase in their own way, their use in the text of the work is permitted. But due to the unique structure of the common text and its logic, the program will show that the work is not plagiarized and it will be adopted in the event that corresponds to the instructions issued by the teacher.


Enough effective way to make the texta unique work - rewriting. The method of rewriting articles found on the Internet in your own words. It is desirable in the course of rewriting rearrange paragraphs, but so that the logical thread of the text of this is not lost and the meaning of work has not changed.


Expand found on the internet material byadd to it and details of some important departures. This study allows the text to make a unique material without the addition of a ballast for proposals ( "water"). It is important to add the information was important and necessary work in the subject text. After all, the task to pass on the plagiarism test for student of secondary importance. Much more important is the ability to work with multiple sources and processing of information.


To pass antiplagiat not necessarily writefrom scratch. Suitable and processing information, selectively taken from a reliable source and "translated" into simpler language. This method is good for writing papers on the exact disciplines. I do not have to process the formulas and rules. But you will need your own words, but the academic language, to paint the evidence and theory.

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