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How to pass the anti-plagiarism


How to pass the anti-plagiarism</a>

Pass an automatic test for plagiarism, which is used most recently by teachers to check the work of students, there are several methods.

Each of the methods requires a qualitative study of the content of the text work.



The best option for passing the plagiarism test- writing the work yourself. It is clear that not all proposals in the work can be unique, citations, for example, should not be rephrased in their own way, their use in work texts is allowed. But due to the overall unique structure of the text and its logic, the program will show that the work is not plagiarism and it will be accepted if it corresponds to the assignment given by the teacher.


An effective way to make textWork unique - rewrite. The essence of the method is in rewriting the article found on the Internet in your own words. It is advisable to change the paragraphs in the course of rewriting, but in such a way that the logical thread of the text does not get lost and the meaning of the work does not change.


Expand the material found on the Internet byAdding details and some important digressions. Such a study of the text makes it possible to make the material unique without adding ballast proposals ("water") to it. It is important that the information added is important and necessary in the topic of text work. After all, the task of taking a plagiarism test for a student is secondary. Much more important is the ability to work with several sources and process information.


To pass antiplagiarism, you do not have to writeWork from scratch. The processing of information, selectively taken from a competent source and "translated" into a simpler language, is also suitable. This method is good for writing works on exact disciplines. Do not have to rework formulas and rules. But it will be necessary in your own words, but in an academic language, to write proofs and theories.

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