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How to pass an object into operation

How to pass an object into operation

To hand over the constructed object of capitalbuild-up, you must obtain permission to enter this facility. Such authorization will put the property on the public account.

Algorithm for obtaining the permit is governed by Article 55 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.



Permission to enter an objectand capital construction completed - is a document on the implementation of the construction, reconstruction or major repairs an objectand capital construction in accordance with thebuilding permit, the urban development plan of the land and project documentation. It is noted that the initial operation of the resolution (resolution as construction) is obtained only in the construction of an objectand capital construction, ie, buildings and structures, but not the pavilions, kiosks, etc. Gets a property developer permission to federal bodies of executive power, bodies of power of subjects of the federation or local authorities, which are authorized to issue such permits. The form of authorization to enter an objectand sets into operation the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.


Get permission to enter an objectand in operation it is possible, having made an application for a permit and attach the following documents:
1. Documents on the rights to land (land lease contract, etc.) -
2. permission for the construction of an objecta-
3. The certificate of acceptance an objectand (required if the construction was carried out on the basis of the contract) -
4. Documents of Compliance an objectand technical regulations, project documentation, technical usloviyam-
5. The development plan the land plot
6. scheme an objectand a network mapping engineering and technical support.
In some cases, you may also need to conclusion of bodies of state construction supervision.


Bodies implementing the issuance of entry permits an objects in operation, the right to refuse the applicant if:
1. not submitted all the necessary dokumenty-
2. an object does not meet the requirements of a building permit, the urban plan of land and design documentation.
The applicant is entitled to challenge the refusal to grant a building permit in court.

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