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How to pass a group interview

How to pass a group interview

Group interview has become quite common in the recruitment of staff.

During the meeting once it becomes clear which of the candidates is more active and interested in the job.

Group interview - how to prepare for it?

Prepare for the interview group should be morecarefully than to the individual. To complete it successfully, it is necessary not only to correctly answer the employer's questions, but also to do it faster than other applicants. This means that the time to think practically no. In order to prevent a hitch, you need to advance, at home, think about the answers to questions that may be asked.
Most often they are in group interviewsIt relates solely to the professional activities. In contrast to the individual meetings with the managers of the HR, there do not ask questions about a hobby, a driving license, etc. In interviews conducted with several candidates, sets specific tasks that need to perform better and faster than others. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the profile of the company and prepare for difficult issues.

Do not be late for the interview, but do not come much earlier. The optimum time - for three to five minutes before the start. This will make it clear to employers that you are able to appreciate their time and yours.

Do not forget about the appearance, it is also veryimportant. Among the candidates, dressed in business suits, people in ordinary clothes will look unprofitable. The employer immediately noted that other more responsible attitude to the interview.

How to behave in the group interview

At the interview, conducted in conjunction with othercandidates to behave actively and confidently. Employers certainly celebrate it. In formulating the problem can ask clarifying questions. This will show that you are in the first place, interested in her best performance, and secondly, know perfectly well what it was about, and what aspects can be controversial and require greater specificity. Do not be afraid to seem inexperienced. Conversely, the professional staff, the more accurate the problem he asks to put. Only then it is possible to make it something that requires the head, and not be distracted by outside issues a decision.

Prepare a notebook or organizer, and take it to the interview. If you record the tasks set by the interviewers, you will immediately grow in their eyes.

In the group interview, you need to make it clearemployers that you are not just a professional and know how to work in a team. Therefore, to argue with the other candidates not worth it. If you do not agree with them, listen and then offer their solution to the problem. And let the interviewer can decide which approach is the most accurate and professional.
Keep calm, do not be distracted from the setTopics. If you are a professional, you do not need to fawn before the employer, all of your knowledge and skills will be perfectly manifested in the course of the interview.

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