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How to Submit to Category


How to Submit to Category</a>

Without a car, it's not easy enough now, so it's unnecessary to talk about it. More and more vehicles are moving along our roads.

It's time to join this common thread and pass to a certain category.

You will need

  • - compliance with age allowed by a category
  • - tuition fee
  • - medical information
  • - state fee
  • - photos 3 pieces (3 × 4)
  • - knowledge of SDA



When selecting a category, you need to matchAge, which is provided by law. Category? A? - From the age of 16,? B? And? C? - From the age of 18,? D? And? E? - From the age of 20. Further we address in a driving school, we pay training, we give certificates and, actually, we pass training. After that, you need to pass a medical examination, pay a state duty for documents, take photographs, provide a certificate of education and start exams.


The next step is passing the exams. The process of surrendering to a category consists of two stages. At the first stage there is a theoretical examination. During the training all the basics of traffic rules and driving of the chosen category are given. Therefore, when passing a theoretical examination, you need to know the following provisions: traffic rules, administrative liability for violation of traffic rules, provision of PHC (first aid). Concerning the rules of the road, it should be said that the examination tickets are broken down according to the chapters corresponding to the sections of the traffic rules. There are 20 questions in the ticket, drawn up in such a way that the first 10 questions are from one ticket, the next 10 from another, and are designated by a neutral number. Therefore, writing off is useless. Examination lasts 20 minutes, for its delivery it is necessary to prevent more than two errors.


The second stage of delivery is practicalExamination, which takes place on the TS, envisaged by the selected category. As a guide to the delivery of practice, different means can be chosen. Back trip to the garage, starting from the road and driving a certain section of the road, which has a crossroads and traffic lights, a stop and parking, riding a snake? And so on. At the end, the instructor makes an assessment. After that, we wait when we prepare the necessary documents, and the next day we go to take away the rights.

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