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How to pass a category

How to pass a category

No car is now quite difficult to cost, so to say about it too. More and more vehicles are moving on our roads.

It's time to join this general stream and pass on a certain category.

You will need

  • - Compliance with the age allowed by a particular category
  • - Tuition fees
  • - Medical certificate
  • - stamp duty
  • - Photos of 3 pieces (3 × 4)
  • - Knowledge of traffic rules



When choosing a category you must meetage, which is provided for by law. Category? A? - 16 years, B?? and? C? - 18 years, D?? and? E? - 20 years. Next, we turn to a driving school, pay tuition, provide help and, in fact, go through the training. Then you have to pass a medical examination, to pay the state fee for the documents, take photographs, provide a certificate of training and begin the exams.


The next step - this exams. The process of putting on a category consists of two stages. In the first stage passes the theory test. During training are all the basics of traffic rules and vehicle control selected category. Therefore, at the time of the theoretical exam you need to know the following: traffic regulations, administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules, the provision of PHC (primary health care). Regarding the rules of the road must be said that the exam fees are divided into chapters corresponding to the traffic sections. The ticket 20 issues composed so that the first 10 questions - one ticket, the next 10 - from the other, and are designated neutral number. So useless to write off. The exam lasts 20 minutes for their delivery do not allow more than two errors.


The second stage is the delivery of practicalexam, which takes place on the vehicle, provided for the selected category. The different agents may be elected as a guide for putting practice. Check reversing into the garage, pulling away and travel a certain route section, which are the intersection and traffic lights, stopping and parking are riding? Snake? And so on. At the end of the instructor puts the estimate. After that, when the forward will prepare the necessary documents, and the next day we go to pick up the rights.

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