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How to partition a disk

How to partition a disk

Professionals advise to split a hard disk into several partitions. Since the system needs its own drive, and various kinds of multimedia information can be held on other disks.

At failures in the operating system can be easily installed to format the primary disk and reinstall the operating system.

You will need

  • Computer hard drive and the program Partition Magic.



partitioned hard disk can be formatted using this program, create a new partition and to do everything possible partitioning operations:

- Split / join sections-

- Format razdel-

- Change the file system.

So, on the break disc, on which thedata break operation itself is executed in MS-DOS mode, before booting of the operating system screen greeting. Therefore, you must wait until the end of this operation.

First, you need to install and run the program. Make this action possible, if you click on the Start menu - All Programs - Partition Magic.


In the program we see a map of our drive in the form of bulk strips of different colors. By pressing the left mouse button, select the desired drive us.

Then click Partition menu - Resize / Move (the same procedure can be done by clicking on the section of the right mouse button).

In the window that opens, set the desired size of the disk, scoring the required size of the disk numbers. And also you can use the slider that is in the image of your disk.


Our basic disk become smaller, andIt appeared free unallocated space. Our task - to transform this area into a logical drive. To do this, go to the Partition menu - Create, ie create a new partition. The same action can make a right-click. When creating a new section should include all the data at once drive the future:

- Letter disk-

- The size of the cluster (the default) -

- file system-

- The name of the disc.

After that, in the main window, click Apply (Apply) button. This is followed by a system reboot. After downloading the Welcome screen another drive will appear on your hard drive.

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