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How to split a disk


How to split a disk</a>

Professionals advise you to split the hard disk into several partitions. Since the system needs a disk, and various multimedia information can be stored on other disks.

If the operating system fails, you can safely set up the formatting of the primary disk and reinstall the operating system.

You will need

  • Computer, hard disk and the program Partition Magic.



With this program you can format hard disk partitions, create new partitions, and also do all possible operations with partitions:

- split / join sections-

- format partition-

- Change the file system.

So, if you split the disk on which you areData, the split operation itself is performed in MS-DOS mode, before loading the operating system's welcome screen. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the end of this operation.

First you need to install and run the program. This action is possible if you click on the Start menu - All Programs - Partition Magic.


In the program, we see the display of our disk in the form of three-dimensional stripes of different colors. Press the left mouse button to select the disk we need.

Then press the menu Partition - Resize / Move (the same actions can be done when you right-click on the section).

In the window that opens, set the desired disk size by scoring the required disk size with numbers. And also you can use the slider, which is on the image of your disk.


Our main disk has become smaller, andA free unplaced area appeared. Our task is to turn this area into a logical drive. To do this, go to the menu Partition - Create, i.e. Create a new partition. The same action can be performed with the right mouse button. When creating a new partition, you should immediately specify all the data of the future disk:

- the letter of the disk-

- cluster size (default) -

- file system-

Is the name of the disc.

After that, in the main program window, click the Apply button. Then you need to reboot the system. After loading the welcome screen on your disk, another disk will appear.

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