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Parties, special events, anniversaries, celebrated May 25

Holidays, important events, anniversaries, celebrated May 25

The first association that arise at the mention of May Day - is, of course, May Day and Victory Day.

But in reality, every day of the year - a little holiday, and often more than one.

If we turn to a special list, you may find that May is extremely rich in important dates.

As can be noted the number 25?

Day philologist

May 25 marks the Day of the philologist. This is a professional holiday of all people with philological education and who found themselves in the areas of Language, Linguistics, bibliotekarskoe business, teaching activities, etc. Philology - the general name of the whole group of different disciplines, such as literary, textual, etc. The Russian philologist Day practically coincides with the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture, which falls on the 24th day. But if the day noted philologist, mostly students and teachers, the Day of Slavic Literature celebrate all Orthodox believers, because it is dedicated to the Day of memory of Saints Cyril and Methodius.

Day philologist noted following the day of Slavic Literature

Day chemist

May is rich in professional holidays. 25 number, along with the Day of the philologist celebrate the Day of the chemist. It was established in 1980 by decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR "On holidays and anniversaries." As philologist day, the day is celebrated chemist, mostly students. Holiday has a number of unusual traditions, for example, each year it is held under the sign of this or that element of the periodic table.

Africa Day

The biggest holiday celebrated on the 25th day -This, of course, Africa Day, which opens the Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-Self Governing Territories. To mark a memorable date proposed to the UN General Assembly in 1999. The number chosen by chance: May 25 is the official Day of the Liberation of Africa.

National Day in Argentina

Of great importance is the date of May 25 for theArgentines. On this day they celebrate the Day of the Nation, one of the most important public holidays. His second name - Revolution Day. More than two hundred years ago, in May 1810 the Argentines managed to create the junta - the first independent government of Spain.

World Day of the thyroid gland

May 25 - a significant date for Europethyroid association engaged in research of the thyroid gland and its disorders. She initiated the World Day of the thyroid gland was introduced in 2009. The aim of the Association was to draw attention to the health issues, raising public awareness about the prevention and treatments of his ailments.

On this day around the world conferences, forums, lectures and seminars, which discuss the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of thyroid disease

Turkmen Carpet Day

Turkmen Carpet Day - moveable feast,celebrated on the last Sunday in May, and in 2014 its celebration falls on the 25th day. Since 1992, he is a public holiday and is held in the world's only Museum of Turkmen Carpet, located in Ashgabat.

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